«Winds of Renewal» in Canon: The New G7 X Possibly Incorporates a Sony Sensor

Frequently, to keep walking it is necessary to rethink what one has already gone, but not to go back, but to take impulse. This seems to be what they are doing in Canon. During our conversation at the Photokina with three of those responsible for the brand in Europe not only ensured that CSC cameras taken seriously, but also that will soon have a new product on the market. From the outside this interest is not so evident, but we have to stay with their words.

In any case, it seems that something is changing in the Japanese firm. Masaya Maeda, one of those responsible for communication in Canon, confirmed during a recent interview at DP Review that its new compact, the PowerShot G7 X, does not incorporate a sensor manufactured by Canon. What’s more, even said that they choose always the best collector market for your camera, what we can deduce that the ideal for G7 X is it used one of its top competitors: RX100 III from Sony.

Although during the interview Maeda did not reveal who bought the G7 X sensor, simply check its characteristics to realize that very likely, is identical uses to which the RX100 III from Sony. They have the same physical dimensions (13.2 x 8.8 mm), the same total and effective resolutions… There is little room for doubt.

The interesting thing about all this is, as I said at the beginning of the post, which seems to you at Canon they are renewing their way to face the future. And all that represents immobility-ending benefits to users, so welcome. During this year’s Photokina both Canon and Nikon have transmitted the feeling of being «cooling» something its strategy, so we will continue to closely track.