Week on: Incidents in The Cloud, Security, Gmail Call in Spain and More.

Surely many of you have been on vacation, disconnected from the developments that have occurred in the network in recent days. For this reason, this might be a good time to read our traditional weekly summary of the news and most interesting articles that we have been published here, in Engadget On:

  • The week began with serious problems in the Amazon, that cloud storage services they have affected multiple pages and European blogs, showing once again the dangers of letting our data and services in the hands of third parties.
  • These last days we have witnessed several lectures and presentations at the security fair Black Hat USA 2011, that is have said security problems in Mac systems and applications have been presented as N00ter, allowing to know if an ISP is breaking the neutrality of the network.
  • In addition, we have known to WASP, a drone aircraft scale whose primary mission is intercept and hack WiFi communications and telephone.
  • We have also witnessed of the Gmail Call landing, the service of Google in Spain simplified VoIP calls.
  • Thanks to the Fraunhofer Institute of Berlin We have seen how the Optical WLAN could be a reality in the coming months, achieving that data will be transmitted through the elements of the room lighting.
  • Finally, can not finish our review without pointing the FACUA conclusions about the disproportionate and unfair rates operators to apply to many of its customers of mobile Internet in roaming.