Volkswagen Will Equip Many of Its 2016 Models for U.S. with Systems of Prevention of Accidents

Volkswagen Will Equip Many of Its 2016 Models for U.S. with Systems of Prevention of Accidents

Volkswagen has reached a long-awaited milestone for a long for this brand. During the first half of this year has managed to exceed overall sales of the Toyota Group, consolidating itself as the largest manufacturer of cars in the world. But staying in this position isn’t easy, a reality that seems to have encouraged leaders of the company to take a step forward.

The German group has announced that you most models placed throughout 2016 in the U.S. market, which will begin arriving in dealerships at the end of this year, will incorporate accident prevention systems, as automatic braking or the total halt of the vehicle is to be a collision. That Yes, not all cars will incorporate these technologies in series. On some models they are optionally available.

With the safety flag

With this decision Volkswagen footsteps of Volvo, which, as we told you a few days ago, has announced that it intends to put an end to serious accidents on all its cars by 2020 by resorting to advanced safety systems. The two pillars of the German brand seem to be automatic braking and stopping of the vehicle, although the latter only can guarantee if the speed at which circulates does not exceed 29 Km/h. Above this figure automatic braking can greatly reduce the speed, but does not guarantee the total detention as a measure to avoid the impact.

Other interesting technologies that will have these cars are automatic centering on the track and the maintenance of the safe distance with the vehicle that precedes us. However, Volkswagen has also ensured that they are not only working on security; some of their models will soon be compatible with CarPlay of Apple, Google’s Android Auto, and also enable the synchronization of the console of the car with the latest generation smartwatches.

What we still don’t know is when these technologies will reach models available in other continents and in the rest of the American. Although it is only a guess, to Europe it is possible to arrive relatively soon because it is a very important market for Volkswagen, and its ‘parent’ headquarters. We’ll tell you more when we have new data.

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