US Formally Accuses Russia of Hacking into Their Systems to Interfere in The Elections

Tempers are heated in United States to a month of presidential elections, which have been surrounded by attacks, uncertainty and intense campaigns where we’ve seen data leakage and emails, which pointed to a conspiracy directed toward the Democratic Party. Later the FBI went to confirm that it was a hack to the electoral system, where the first suspicions pointed to Russia. Something that today is confirmed.

The Director of national intelligence (DNI) has published a statement that emit in conjunction the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the intelligence community of USA (USIC) where they formally accuse Russia of ordering recent attacks on their electoral system, this with the purpose of influencing the upcoming elections to be held on November 8.

The tension between Washington and Moscow increases

The relationship between United States and Russia is not experiencing its best moment, this after the disagreements as regards the Russian attacks in support of Syrian President Bashar al – Assad, which has resulted in damage to hospitals and other civilian targets.

Now the Government of Obama officially blames Russia of having orchestrated a wide-ranging campaign to interfere in the presidential election, attack which included hacking to multiple computers from the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), as well as other political officials of the country, where was the aim to sow discord around the upcoming elections.

According to the investigations of the United States, the attacks intelligence agencies match how to operate that has led to old leaks at sites such as and WikiLeaks, as well as the character known as ‘Guccifer 2.0’, which works under the orders of the Russian Government.

However, the USIC tries to convey trust and confidence in your statement, since they mention that it is impossible to alter the vote count or the results of the election, Since the machines are not connected to the internet and a remote attack is not possible. Despite this, the DHS is encouraging to bring all State and local election authorities to the Department’s cybersecurity of DHS, in order to receive advice and support before a possible attack on electoral offices.

On the other hand, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, you are denying any connection with the hackers responsible for the attack on United States.