A trip with Tourist Travel to the Iberian Peninsula will provide memories for life

Spain offers exotic and southern landscapes, which oozes unique and authentic experiences. The Spanish cities offer atmosphere, culture as well as wine and tapas in large quantities. Experience a delicious meal in idyllic surroundings with wine made from the neighbor’s grapes. Tourist Travel’s travel is for anyone who wants to experience the real Spanish culture outside of charter areas and large holiday complexes. Tourist offers holidays to small, magnificent city or country hotels, carefully selected after years of research and personal experience.

A trip to the Iberian Peninsula will provide memories for life

The peninsula is characterized by very different and diverse landscapes. There are varied coastlines with steep shores and wonderful beaches, beautiful forests, magnificent mountains, wild nature, but also dry steppe areas. Our travels to Spain are a combination of exuberant nature with a strong culture and historical sights – spiced with unsurpassed food and wonderful Spanish wines.

Pack the southern fruits and take Tourist Travel on a cultural, whimsical and extremely beautiful trip to Spain. The Spanish country is located in the southern tip of Europe, and extends far towards Morocco in North Africa. Although we remain in Europe , the exotic nature of Spain stands in stark contrast to the one we know from home. Here waterfalls cascade over each other, beautiful mountain lakes are hidden away in the Pyrenees, where mountain top after mountain peak peeks out.

Your trip to Spain may be exactly the type of trip you dream of. Soak up the culture for yourself in Barcelona, ​​let your creativity be inspired in Ronda, the white city, or embark on a unique trek between the charming villages of the Pyrenees. There is more than 505,000 km2 to experience, and we know where the greatest enrichments are hiding.

Climate and weather in Spain

The Spanish weather largely depends on which part of the country your Spain trip goes to. Spain has six climate zones. Most of the country has a subtropical climate. The coast of these areas is characterized by a continental Mediterranean climate, where winters are cool and summers are very hot.

In the northwestern part of Spain is characterized by an oceanic continental climate, where temperatures are somewhat lower and a lot of precipitation falls. At the coast in this area, the climate is called oceanic coastal climate. If you travel to northwestern Spain you will experience the green, lush Spain. Here, nature thrives incredibly well due to the large amounts of precipitation.

In a few areas in southeastern Spain, the steppe and desert climates are characterized. This is where you get the highest temperatures on your trip to Spain. In addition, there is the climate of the Canary Islands, which differs from other parts of the country. Here is a tropical climate, which means that the temperatures are stable and the weather is mild.

Cities to experience in Spain


If you want to travel to the Spanish capital, you have to go to Madrid – the country’s largest city with 3.3 million inhabitants. The pulse of the city is intense. Here is a wealth of cultural offerings, gastronomic experiences and shopping opportunities.

Despite the big city atmosphere, a particularly relaxing atmosphere also rests over the city. This is due to the many green areas, such as the park El Retiro. Here you can rent a rowing boat in the middle of the city and sail on Lake Estanque.


Catalonia’s capital Barcelona is a popular destination for Spain travel. The city houses a wealth of activities, cultural sites and cozy eateries. It is safe to say that here is something to do for everyone.

Hep on FC Barcelona from the Nou Camps stands. You can also enjoy Gaudi’s timeless works such as La Sagrada Familia, the church never completed, or Casa Mila – La Pedrera, the house without corners.


If you want to experience the language of dance on your trip to Spain, then visit Seville, the city of Flamenco. Seville is a fantastic city in rhythmic movement, where historical times have left a clear mark.

You can experience this when you visit La Giralda Tower, the Cathedral where Columbus is buried, the magnificent Royal Palace, Plaza de España and the many other amazing places that the city has to offer.


Ronda— the white city that clings to the cliff. We often travel to this Spanish city on our painting courses. Because no matter where in Ronda you look, it is a delight to the eye. Inspiration and creativity simmer here.

The atmosphere in Ronda is quite laid back and relaxed. It is the perfect city to stroll through. In the charming streets, Maurene has set its architectural expression. Also visit the Moorish Gardens, Casa del Rey Moro.

Playa de Palma

170 kilometers from Barcelona is the Spanish island of Mallorca. The holiday paradise has its location in the western Mediterranean and the weather is therefore lovely. Palma is the ‘capital’ and Playa de Palma is a suburb.

If you want a beach holiday and relaxation for all the money, then Playa de Palma is the right destination. Here is fantastic sandy beach, tall thin palm trees and beautiful nature. Trekking in the area is also popular.


The Pyrenees mountain range creates the border line between Spain and France, and here are several cozy villages. Among other things, you will find here Espot, which is a charming little getaway in the mountains.

Hiking around Espot is an idyllic experience. Despite the fact that the city is not particularly large, it has nine churches. It is with good reason that Espot is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Aigüestortes in Estany de Sant Maurici National Park

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