Travel to Nepal and experience temples, trekking and the world’s highest mountain

Nepal is the epitome of an adventurous travel country – here is a fantastic present and strong culture, beautiful and exciting cities and temple areas and then of course there are perhaps the world’s very best hiking and trekking tours. If you are ready for an exciting challenge, then trekking in Nepal is definitely for you.

Nepal a small country “in the middle of India”. Until 2008, Nepal was the world’s only Hindu kingdom, a small Kingdom and monarchy in the Himalayas, but today Nepal is declared a federal republic. The largest religions in Nepal are Hinduism and Buddhism. Nepal has a population of just over 30 million people.The population is diverse with many different ethnic groups.The national language is napali.

The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. Mount Everest, which is the world’s highest mountain, is located on the border between Nepal and Tibet / China. The country also owns ten of the 16 highest mountains in the world. Therefore, it is optimal to try trekking in Nepal. You rarely find a sight when you stand on top of one of the world’s highest mountains. You get almost completely enchanted, especially if the weather is clear.

Climate and travel weather in Nepal

According to, Nepal is an absolutely incredible country that stretches across the mountain peaks of the Himalayan mountains. It is especially in northwestern Nepal, where individual parts are in the high plateau, which is also characteristic of the country of Tibet. These high peaks are referred to as the Tibetan Plateau.

With its unique landscape and different elevation levels, trekking in Nepal is a popular activity. Due to the different altitudes, the weather is extremely variable depending on where you are in the country. Therefore, trekking in Nepal is rarely the same experience to two different places.

Travel types in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is fantastic. With Tourist Travel, when trekking in Nepal, you will experience unique and beautiful routes that you cannot normally go on. Among other things, we have permission to let you experience trekking in Nepal at the forgotten kingdom, Lo Manthang.

Cultural journey in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal can be considered a cultural experience, but do not miss Kathmandu. the capital is the epitome of eastern mysticism, and every nook and cranny is packed with Hindu sights such as the temples of Pashupatinath and Taleju.


The homeland of the Himalayas is and will be our child of the heart. For over 30 years we have been offering expeditions in the sharp ridges. We are drawn to the feeling of winning that takes over when you stand on top of a mountain – we want to pass it on to all our fellow travelers.

Popular animals you can experience in Nepal

One can not get around the fact that Nepal is an animal-rich country. Especially those interested in birds are rewarded when they travel in the mountains or go trekking in Nepal. Due to the countless many bird species in Nepal, it is said that the mountains for wings. Over 800 different colorful species you can spot in the Nepalese sky. On trekking in Nepal, both parrots, adjutant storks and rhinoceros birds can fly over your head.

One does not have to move up in higher air layers to see animals. On land, Nepal offers the famous Chitwan National Park. Here you can drive around in a jeep and look for exotic animals, as if it were a real safari. You must be very unlucky if you do not see a wild boar, a gavial crocodile or an Indian bison. Chitwan National Park is almost guaranteed to be the place to experience the exotic wildlife.


Questions from the travelers

How High is Mount Everest?

Mount Everest is 8,848 meters above sea level. At Tourist Travel, however, we travel “only” to Everest Base Camp, which is 5,380 meters above sea level. This gives a great feeling of the majestic mountain, an immeasurably beautiful hike and an absolutely phenomenal experience. The hike can be done by most people, as it does not require mountain experience – as long as you choose the right route, are led by a skilled tour guide and have a reasonable shape.

Mount Everest is also on the border with the Chinese region of Tibet. In Nepali, the mountain is called ‘Sagarmatha’, while in Tibetan it is called ‘Chomolungma’.

Where is Nepal?

Nepal lies like a little hidden gem between India and China. If you look at Nepal on the world map, it “looks” like a small notch in northeastern India.

How big is Nepal?

With almost 148,000 square meters, Nepal is not a large country – especially not compared to the two countries it is adjacent to – namely India and China. Nepal’s area corresponds to approx. three times the area of ​​Denmark. Nepal is – in spite of that – an extremely culturally strong country and the holder of the world’s highest mountain peak (Mount Everest).

What form of government do they have in Nepal?

In Nepal, there is a pluralistic democracy. This means, in short, that it is a democracy with room for diversity – but with the same idealology.

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

There are two favorite seasons in Nepal, which are in the spring (March to May) and in the fall (September to November), where it is cloudless and with good views of the mountain range.

How is the rainy season in Nepal?

The rainy season in Nepal is from June to August, where very heavy rain showers are experienced for a few hours – every day. Therefore, one will also experience higher humidity.

Travel to Nepal
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