Toothpic We Will Identify All Our Photographs on The Net

Toothpic is an innovative project that aims to change the way in which we identify our photographs on the internet. Through a ‘fingerprint’ of the sensor, This application will facilitate us to find pictures on the net that we have done with our camera. Thus, prevent theft of our images or pictures from our camera identification where theft us.

Toothpic could be one of the biggest innovations to put an end to the numerous thefts of photographs that we normally see in the network. This technology is based on the identification of the camera, which is nothing more than the footprint of a sensor lets in the capture of a photograph and that is what is meant to analyze and identify to know what camera concrete has taken photographs. In this way, we can find theft of our images in the network as well as made photographs if they rob us of the camera.

Expected the identification of images through these simple data to simplify and speed up the slow task of classic images scanner. The concept includes the development of a browser open to the public that any user can identify their photographs on the net and whose engine could analyze the not inconsiderable figure of more than 100 million ‘footprints’ photo.

Through this search engine, you will be able to insert the information from the sensor or analyze an image for return a list with the pictures taken by that sensor and they are swarming over the network.

The project is in the construction phase and is going to present the European Research Council, which may choose to earn 150,000 euros to develop fully the idea.