Entertainment and attractions of San Marino

The most recognizable landmark of San Marino is the complex of towers crowning Mount Titano. The oldest of them, Guaita, has served as a prison since the 10th century. The tower of Cesta, built a century later, once housed a military garrison, and today is a museum with a rich collection of weapons from different eras. Miniature Montale, surrounded by rocks, is closed to the public. According to petwithsupplies, Serravalle is one of the largest cities in San Marino.

No less popular with tourists is the Palazzo Publico Palace, which flaunts on Freedom Square. Important state ceremonies are held in an elegant neo-Gothic building. On other days, anyone can admire the luxurious interiors. The main temple of San Marino is the snow-white Basilica del Sante in neoclassical style. The central altar is decorated with a statue of the patron saint of the city, whose relics are buried here.

Passionate about history, tourists do not ignore the State Museum with archaeological finds and art objects. Fans of modern art will love the Gallery of Modern Art of San Marino.

In Castelli Borgo Maggiore, it is worth visiting the Piazza Grande fairground, the graceful Clock Tower, the church of St. Antimo and the majestic monastery. The Automobile Museum is also located here: charming retro cars coexist with ultra-fast Formula 1 cars.

The architectural dominant of Castelli Domagnano is the fortress of Torracia, which for centuries played a key role in the defense of San Marino. Montegiardino is notable for its monumental ruins, the only university in the country and the church of St. Lorenzo with medieval frescoes. Fiorentino is the land of castles: once there were as many as three of them, and now only silent stones remind of their former splendor.

8 things to do in San Marino

  1. Climb to the Three Towers and enjoy breathtaking views of the Adriatic.
  2. Explore all 9 castelli, finding something special in each.
  3. Compare with the original depiction of the neoclassical basilica on the dime.
  4. Find out the old recipe for making Strozzapretti pasta.
  5. Visit the Museum of Torture Instrumentsand be glad that it is not the Middle Ages in the yard.
  6. Take a look at the Statue of Liberty, strikingly different from its New York
  7. Replenish your wardrobe in the famous outlets, keeping within a ridiculous amount by European standards.
  8. Watch the ceremonial changing of the guards, which takes place daily at the Palazzo Pubblico from May to September.

Holidays and events

The heads of state in San Marino are elected collective captains regents who rule the country for 6 months and take office on April 1 and October 1. In connection with their election, inaugurations are held here, accompanied by a solemn procession in national costumes. Following an ancient rite, the parade starts at the Palazzo Pubblico and then moves towards the basilica.

Every year on September 3, on the Day of the Foundation of the Republic of San Marino, solemn events are held.

For 5 days in the second half of July, San Marino becomes like a real medieval city. In taverns, you can taste the dishes of that era, and the inhabitants of the city dress up in national medieval costumes. The streets fill with artisans from Montegiardino, fortune-tellers, actors, courtesans from Serravalle, crossbowmen and musicians.

Every year since 1988, the Festival of Ethnic Music has been held in San Marino for a week in July. Numerous musical groups meet on the stage of Cava of the Balestrieri, in the heart of the historic part of the city. At the end of August and beginning of September, the annual world championship in motorcycle racing takes place – the Cinzano Grand Prix at the Misano Adriatico motodrome. In parallel with this, sporting events are organized on Mount Titano, united by a common theme of motorcycle racing.

September 3 is considered a national holiday, which can be equated with the New Year. They organize crossbow shooting competitions, military band concerts, traditional bingo games, and a magnificent fireworks display completes the holiday. From December 1 to January 6, the Christmas Market is open in the historic center of San Marino.

The traditional celebration of the summer Italian New Year “Pink Night” (La Notte Rosa, website) is a non-stop festival in pink. Moving inland from the coast, the Pink Night from dusk to dawn with its concerts, shows and fireworks will swallow up 110 km of the Adriatic coast, which includes about 700 beaches of the Romagna Riviera!

Things to Do in San Marino

Things to Do in San Marino
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