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Nestled on the shores of the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is a great place for beach relaxation. You can have a great rest even in the capital, more precisely, in the surrounding villages that are part of the Baku agglomeration. The coast here is sandy, the entrance to the water is safe, without sharp fluctuations in depth. Fashionable beaches are scattered throughout the Absheron Peninsula, the most popular ones are in Novkhani: Palm Beach, Barbados Beach, Sahil Beach and Crescent Beach have showers, toilets, umbrellas, changing cabins and a whole entertainment palette for every taste.

Entrance to most Baku beaches is paid: from 15 AZN.

Excellent beaches are also found in Lankaran: the coastal zone is covered with fine black sand, which has healing properties. There are many sanatoriums here that use water from the surrounding thermal springs in their programs, and there is also a string of cafes, clubs and bars for lovers of noisy parties. In Sumgayit, there are 20 beaches at once, covered with small shells, burnt white in the sun. The infrastructure is well developed: there will be no problems with changing cabins, sunbeds, umbrellas and water activities.

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The territory of the country is heterogeneous in terms of weather conditions due to altitudinal zonation (there are 8 climatic zones out of 11 existing in the world). The average July temperature ranges from +5 °C in the highlands to +27 °C in the lowlands. January, respectively, from −10 °C to +3 °C. The maximum summer temperature can reach +45 °C, while in winter the thermometer in mountainous areas often drops to -40 °C at night. Strong northern winds are characteristic, mainly in autumn. The best time to visit the country is from April to October. And the time from the end of November to March is the ideal time to relax in the country’s luxurious ski resorts. See CITYPOPULATIONREVIEW for weather information.

See also the weather forecast for the main resorts and cities of Azerbaijan.


Alpine skiing has been actively developing in Azerbaijan recently. The first resort that opened its doors to conquerors of snow-capped peaks is the Shahdag complex, at the foot of the mountain of the same name in the vicinity of the city of Gusar. The main wealth of these places is amazingly beautiful nature with untouched flora and fauna. Shahdag has several modern hotels, a ski school with a team of experienced instructors and a children’s club. The infrastructure of the resort is 12 lifts (chairlifts, rope tows, gondola lifts), freestyle areas, equipment rental points, as well as green, red and blue trails for athletes with any training, equipped with artificial snow generators (they are used infrequently: winters are snowy here, with optimal temperatures for skiing).

Another ski complex, Tufandag, was built in the picturesque district center of Gabala. 4 cable cars, 5 slopes of different difficulty levels, equipment rental and sale points, a ski school, hotels and cafes – all this is already in the young resort, and construction has not yet been completed. In the foreseeable future, new tracks and a full-fledged sports and entertainment center will open.

Treatment in Azerbaijan

The main wealth of Azerbaijan is oil, which is used not only as a fuel, but also as a unique natural cure for many ailments. The main balneological resort of the country is Naftalan, where “black gold” or “blood of the earth” is mined – as soon as this substance is not called. Another thing is important: it can be used to heal about 70 serious diseases, including neurological, muscular, gynecological, cardiovascular and urological disorders. Patients come to Naftalan with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, thrombophlebitis, sciatica and other diseases that inevitably recede before the forces of nature. In addition to naftalan baths and wraps, doctors use massage, treatment with paraffin and iodine-bromine compounds, hardware technologies and physiotherapy exercises.

In Naftalan, a museum of crutches left by cured patients of sanatoriums as unnecessary has been opened. Clear evidence: therapy works!

Another famous Azerbaijani resort is Nakhichevan with healing mineral springs. With the help of water rich in useful substances, it is possible to cure diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and dermatological ailments, and the symptoms of bronchitis and asthma go away in the salt caves of Duzdag. In the sanatoriums of Lankaran, they treat with thermal water from hot springs.


Diving off the coast of Azerbaijan was actively carried out back in Soviet times: the local underwater world is rich in treasures. Today the fashion for diving is returning: schools and clubs are gradually opening, organizing expeditions to the bottom of the Caspian Sea and high mountain lakes. Diving center Dolphin Baku (off. site) even entered the NDL National Dive League, which indicates the first-class training of its instructors.

Diving to sunken ships is especially popular: there are about 60 of them only near the Absheron Peninsula. The Caspian Sea is an ancient trade route, in the abyss of which to this day you can find ceramics, weapons, anchors and other curiosities, whose age often exceeds a couple of centuries. Diving in fresh lakes with crystal water, formed high in the mountains as a result of earthquakes, also brings vivid impressions. It is better to dive with experienced instructors: they will show noteworthy points, help you choose equipment and teach you all the intricacies of interesting and safe trips through the underwater world.

5 things to do in Azerbaijan

  1. Take the Baku Acropolis by storm and climb the Maiden Tower, which is associated with a romantic legend.
  2. Ask for a visit to a local grandmother and try real Azerbaijani home-cooked cuisine – after all, Azerbaijanis are so famous for their hospitality!
  3. Buy a traditional oriental carpet in the Baku market, made in the best traditions of Azerbaijani carpet weaving, without forgetting to bargain for the best price.
  4. Plunge into the naftalan bath and feel like a reborn.
  5. Leave your mark on one of the cobbled streets of Ganja, along which Katran Tabrizi, Abul-Ula, Feleki, Khagani, Mehseti and other “stars” of the Azerbaijani renaissance walked.

Things to Do in Azerbaijan

Things to Do in Azerbaijan
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