These Are The Models of Cameras Nikon SLR and Its Sensors Manufacturers

These Are The Models of Cameras Nikon SLR and Its Sensors Manufacturers

Online forums are sometimes fights, bad misunderstandings (is what you have not seen in person) and, sometimes, not always by the above mentioned source of information. And it often happens also that the sense of the initial message will deviating in any way. This has happened on a forum page dpreview on an entry which was spoken of the possible rumor of purchase of the Samsung NX technology on the part of Nikon, rumor that Nikon was in charge of deny strongly days later. The thread drifted, not much, when thought a user make a listing with almost all the Nikon SLR camera models and the manufacturer sensor of each one of them, information that is not (or at least easily) on the Internet.

Manufacturers of sensors

This is the list (aren’t all models from Nikon SLR cameras, as mentioned):

Chamber type Camera Resolution Sensor type Sensor manufacturer
DX D40 6 MP CCD Sony
D40x 10 MP CCD Sony
D60 10 MP CCD Sony
D3000 10 MP CCD Sony
D3100 14 MP CMOS Nikon
D3200 24 MP CMOS Nikon
D3300 24 MP CMOS Sony
D5000 12 MP CMOS Sony
D5100 16 MP CMOS Sony
D5200 24 MP CMOS Toshiba
D5300 24 MP CMOS Toshiba
D5500 24 MP CMOS Sony
D70 6 MP CCD Sony
D80 10 MP CCD Sony
D90 12 MP CMOS Sony
D7000 16 MP CMOS Sony
D7100 24 MP CMOS Toshiba
D7200 24 MP CMOS Toshiba
D100 6 MP CCD Sony
D200 10 MP CCD Sony
D300 12 MP CMOS Sony
FX D600 24 MP CMOS Sony
D610 24 MP CMOS Sony
D750 24 MP CMOS Sony
D700 12 MP CMOS Nikon
Mexico City 16 MP CMOS Nikon
D800 36 MP CMOS Sony
D810 36 MP CMOS Sony
D2h 4 MP LBCAST Nikon
D2X 12 MP CMOS Sony
D3 12 MP CMOS Nikon
D3s 12 MP CMOS Nikon
D3x 24 MP CMOS Sony
D4 16 MP CMOS Nikon
D4s 16 MP CMOS Nikon

Previous data you can see curious things, like that Nikon puts own sensors to the flagships brand: D3, D4 or D4S. Or than those in its name one”x”the sensors are manufactured by Sony.

With all of this is clear that in the forums you can learn and find interesting information.

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