The Nerve Center of Our Home Connected Had Never Looked So Good

The Nerve Center of Our Home Connected Had Never Looked So Good

We are familiar with the technology and devices that arise day by day for our “intelligent” home, but there are millions of people who still do not know even how connecting a router or set up a local network, hence the main problem of the Internet of things, seeking to create an ecosystem that we use easily and even natural in our homes, thanks to home automation.

For this reason, home automation devices must possess two essential elements: ease of use and security. And this is how we are now an attractive device that seeks to be the center of our home, in a very attractive package, but also with simple operation and easy to configure, according to its creators, know Sense, a hub for smart homes.

From the creators of Firefox OS

Sense Today begins its journey looking for funding in a campaign on Kickstarter, created by the Silk Labs company, founded by Andreas Gal, who was director of technology at Mozilla, who armed himself with part of the team that developed Firefox OS to create a device and a platform for ‘smart’ homes.

The same Andreas mentions that the main idea of Sense is to do that our homes are as smart as our smartphones, that is why this platform is based on much of what we are accustomed to do, use mobile apps for many of our tasks.

Sense is It connects and is compatible with a wide range of devices in our House, as lights, garage door, locks, security cameras, thermostats Nest, Sonos sound systems, and it is expected that in the coming months, thanks to the launch of a developers kit, expands support to have a great ecosystem, which can be configured locally from the smartphone and tablet computer. Course is intended integration of TWITTERFEED, which expand the scope despite having no direct support for some devices.

Sense has, in addition to an attractive and discreet design, microphone for voice commands or activate virtual assistants, Full HD camera, infrared sensor for night vision, as well as connectivity WiFi Dual Band, Bluetooth, Hexa-Core processor, 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB of storage.

The complicated part is that it is of a device that doesn’t exist yet, Yes, all it promises sounds incredible, but we are talking about a hub of home automation, that before you know everything that is able to offer and do, would be good to know as it manages the issue of privacy, although its creators mention that you it’s a local network, i.e., do not use the cloud and does not store data everything is inside the device, it is necessary to have more details on how connects to other devices and transmits the information.

Despite all this, just a few hours of having launched the campaign, Sense already exceeds 60% of total revenue seeking to jump-start the project. The Sense is of 225 dollars for a limited time and deliveries are scheduled for the month of December to anywhere in the world.

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