There is no better way to clear your head than a long walk in nature. Just take a deep breath and relax in the fresh air – afterwards you will feel reborn. Avenue in particular always has a calming effect on me and convey absolute harmony. That’s why I did a little research and put together the most beautiful avenues in the world for you. From Germany to China – these avenues promise pure romance!

Heerstrasse, Bonn

Have you ever heard of Heerstrasse in Bonn? Probably not, but you’ve probably seen a photo of it before. This is because it is one of the most romantic streets in all of Germany or even the whole world. The avenue, which is lined with cherry blossom trees, is a breathtaking sight and attracts many visitors. Internationally, the street in the Nordstadt district is even known as “Cherry Blossom Avenue”. Whether blogger or normal – everyone wants to take a souvenir photo in the pink avenue! With this romantic atmosphere, that’s no wonder, is it? It is best to pay a visit to Heerstrasse in April when the flowers bloom again.

Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Kitakyushu

Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Kitakyushu

According to shoe-wiki, the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan, are an absolute feast for the eyes. What can you expect in the botanical garden? Over 150 different wisteria and an avenue that will take your breath away. The Wisteria Flower Tunnel is lined with numerous purple wisteria and invites you to dream. Whoever walks through here feels like in a real fairy tale. The best time to experience the avenue in all its glory is from April to May. In addition, the Wisteria Festival takes place every year from April 27 to 29. With these photos you want to book a plane ticket to Japan directly!

Jacarandas Walk, Johannesburg

Whenever you are in Johannesburg, you should definitely pay a visit to the Jacarandas Walk. Old Church Street turns into a single purple spot in November – the sight of even the last skeptic becomes romantic. The delicate flowers hang like a protective blanket over the street and provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing walk. If you stroll along here, you can leave everyday life behind and immerse yourself in a dream world for at least a brief moment. The Jakaranda trees can be found in many other places in the city, just keep an eye out for the purple flowers.

Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Tokyo

Although Tokyo is known as a crowded and chaotic city, there is a surprising amount of green space here. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle, there are numerous parks and gardens that invite you to linger. The Meiji Gaien Park, where the Ginkgo Tree Tunnel is located, is particularly beautiful. This avenue is surrounded by numerous ginkgo trees, which create an almost mystical atmosphere. Surrounded by the yellow flowers, you can take a romantic walk here in autumn and just enjoy the peace and quiet. By the way, the park is named after the former Japanese ruler Meiji.

Sakura tunnel, Miyagi

When it comes to beautiful avenues, Japan is definitely unbeatable. In the East Asian state you will find some of the most romantic places in the world – including the Sakura Tunnel in Miyagi. If you have a weakness for cherry blossoms, you should definitely add this place to your bucket list, because the avenue is covered over and over with the pink blossoms. The cherry blossom has a high priority in Japanese culture and stands for beauty, awakening and transience. However, no fixed date can be given for the first cherry blossom, as this varies with the climate from year to year and also within Japan.

Sakura tunnel, Miyagi

The Most Beautiful Avenues in the world
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