The Creator of Dendroid: Seller of The DeepWeb Malware and Great Promise in Cybersecurity

The Creator of Dendroid: Seller of The DeepWeb Malware and Great Promise in Cybersecurity

The enemy at home. One of the important creative minds of malware, and now recognized as Android hacker, would have been hired within the firm Cybersecurity, just fight those actions, ensuring our security manager.

Not we take it for granted since the character in question has been arrested yesterday, accused of being behind the malware Dendroid, that operates in the operating system from Google. Now we must prove it and judge him, but it has all the earmarks of which has been two bands playing.

The American company’s position is complicated, since Morgan Culbertson, the young and brilliant employee has been demonstrating their skills on Cybersecurity, at the same time that was developing and selling Dendroid in the Darknet, specifically in Darkode.

Bringing down Darkode

Darkode is one of the most important forums where interact Crooks, which yesterday was disconnected from the network, at the same time arrested 28 people of the world, thanks to the joint action of the FBI and Europol. It is the operation known as Shrouded Horizon, where more than 70 people are being investigated in 20 countries.

Among them, there are twelve Americans, since the creator of Darkode, Daniel Placek, also have Johan Anders Gudmunds – Facebook Spreader – and the protagonist of our story: Morgan Culbertson. Lot of talent in a small but successful forum in work of stealing data or spreading malware.

FireEye has sent a statement that explains that He has caught them by surprise, and that they have suspended any professional relationship with him. Interestingly, the work of the student of Carnegie Mellon University, at FireEye, was the find malware on the Android platform, at the same time recognizing and analyzing viruses.

“Work to improve and to detect malware on Android, using a variety of tools, automated techniques and heuristic analysis,” in his profile on LinkedIn, worked protecting us from malware

In one of his collaborations with FireEye, he worked from May to August 2013, within the window that includes the expansion of Dendroid – attributed to his person-, which began in January 2013, and ended in August 2014.

In a world as complex as security, in which it is easy to find professional moving between sides, is notoriously find a copy that was operating at the same time confronted operations. Logically they have jumped in Cybersecurity alarms, if its customers and services have been committed to the work of Morgan.

On occasion I have spoken about security on the basis of reports of Cybersecurity, on issues related to Android devices and biometric recognition systems, as well as in iOS vulnerabilities.

What is Dendroid?

Dendroid enters teams posing as legitimate applications

It is a malware that infects telephones Android and can steal information the device can even get to control it: take pictures, record audio and video, download content, send messages, etc..

The idea is take an ordinary Android app and turn it into a tool of espionage. Dendroid provides mechanisms for performing remote control, in what are called in the scene such as RAT, or “Remote Access Toolkit”.

The market price at the darknet is about $300, with Western customers as their top priority. But seemed more interesting to the source itself, which discussed that it has been sold for about $65,000.

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