Systems Military to Shoot Down Drones, in United Kingdom Seriously Take It

Some put guns to the drone, others want to prepare an effective defense against them. There are flying vehicles unmanned, being love, regularizing it, or being hated, but inevitably among us.

The authorities that are responsible for security and air traffic control does not want them near airports, nor other vehicles flight zones, and it is a reality that many drones are in the hands of unconscious people, or little prepared for their performance.

The US authority is receiving around one hundred monthly incidents from pilots who have passed close to drones

Some British companies work on solutions to bring down these bugs flying, if their presence is not welcome. “The weapon anti-drone who are preparing by the resounding name of”Anti UAV Defense System”, and is something like a combination of radar, camera and a peculiar system of shooting and gloom”.

It is being developed by the three companies of the place: Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics, and Enterprise Control Systems. How does it work? First radar identifies and pursues the flying object, until you pass to the performance of the camera range. Then the system already has a system of tracking and focus of the dam that allows you to hit the shot.

It’s important recognition camera system, to identify the flying element, not going to be that we act on a duck. About the firing system, a missile is not launched, but it attempted eliminate communication with your driver, to make it fall to a safe area of the surface.

What I do is actually releasing a powerful signal of radio with a directional antenna, and it takes about 25 seconds in getting freeze to the drone. Well could leave it at that in the air until you run out of batteries – do not have much autonomy-, or is a way to tell the owner to return whence it came. The British system is able to act in a range of seven kilometers.

As communications are blocked, you could implement system of firing of projectiles, or laser-based systems (Boeing already plays with them). We are talking about use military tools to bring down drones, that for now they do not pass prototype phase, but that they could soon be in places where the authorities consider it necessary.