In the land of Swedish glass

Bohemian immigrants started Sweden’s glass industry in Småland, north of Skåne, in the 18th century. In Orrefors, Kosta/Boda and the other 14 glassworks in the Kingdom of Crystal (website: ) the glassblowers still work according to traditional methods. The Småland Museum (website: ) in Växjö has a permanent exhibition on the history of glass production in the region.


There are over 400 golf courses in Sweden. One of these is located north of the Arctic Circle and enjoys 24 hours of sunlight during the summer months, meaning that many midsummer championships are held at night. Some of Sweden’s most beautiful golf courses can be found in the Skåne region.

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National collections

The Historical Museum in Gothenburg displays Sweden’s most important historical treasures, including prehistoric artefacts and medieval art objects (website: ). The National Museum in Stockholm houses Sweden’s most important art collection (website: ). The collection includes numerous paintings by well-known national and international artists, including Alexander Roslin, Édouard Manet, Ernst Josephson, Carl Fredrik Hill and Anders Zorn.

Norrbotten – a paradise for anglers

With its numerous mountain rivers, Norrbotten offers the best conditions for anglers. There are also very good fishing opportunities on the coast. The province is located in the very north of the country and borders Finland.

Visiting Santa Claus

While Finland is the official homeland of Santa Claus, Sweden, which includes much of Lapland, has its own take on Christmas. An ideal day out with children is Tomteland (website: ) in Mora, where you can meet Santa Claus and all his little helpers in person.

Ångermanland and Västerbotten – pure nature

In the province of Ångermanland, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Sweden awaits the visitor with forests, lakes, islands, fjords and mountains. If you are looking for untouched nature, you should go to Västerbotten with its numerous rivers. The coastal area Höga Kusten (High Coast) on the Gulf of Bothnia has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (Internet: ).


Sweden is the ideal holiday destination for nature lovers. Almost 50% of the country is forested, there are marked hiking routes of every level of difficulty. A popular hiking area is, for example, the densely wooded Dalarna. One of the most beautiful long-distance hiking trails, the 240 km long Blekingelelede, runs across the province of Blekinge in southern Småland. There are also a number of hiking routes in Lapland. The most famous is called Kungsleden and offers experienced mountain hikers the opportunity to climb Sweden’s highest peak, Kebnekaise. Other popular hiking trails are in the Sarek and Padjelanta National Parks.

Lummelunda Cave

Lummelunda Cave (website: ) on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland is the second longest known cave in Sweden after Korallgrottan in Jämtland. There are some very interesting stalactite figures in the cave. Of the total of 4 km proven, 130 m are accessible to visitors as a tourist grotto from May to September. Guided tours are also available by prior arrangement, allowing you to go deeper into the cave.

Astrid Lindgren’s world

Anyone who has always wanted to meet Pippi Longstocking, Michel from Lönneberga and Karlsson from the roof or climb around in Mattisburg is in the right place at the amusement park Astrid Lindgren’s World (Internet: ) in Vimmerby in Småland. From May to September you can play and romp here, experience the well-known scenes from the books and become part of the popular stories.

Visby – a journey through time to the Middle Ages

On the Baltic Sea island of Gotland is the enchanting old Hanseatic town of Visby, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The historic city center is surrounded by a medieval ring wall, on which roses climb. At the beginning of August, Gotland hosts Medeltidsveckan (Medieval Week) every year, during which Visby is transformed into a Hanseatic town of 1361 (Internet: ).

Norrland – the Swedish Riviera

The coast of Norrland, which is often referred to as the Swedish Riviera, is ideal for a relaxing holiday. In the hinterland there are clear lakes and rivers with plenty of fish. In the Arctic Circle, summer water and air temperatures are similar to those in the Mediterranean, and there is plenty of sunshine. At Lövånger there are hundreds of renovated wooden houses that are rented out to holidaymakers.

Beach holiday

On the Swedish west coast between Strömstad and Laholm there are numerous holiday resorts with long, flat sandy beaches, rocky coasts and sheltered bays. Resorts such as Falkenberg and Tylösand attract with a sandy beach sheltered by dunes and pine trees. The waters of the west coast are warmed by the Gulf Stream, making it good for swimming. In many places there are water ski centers and surf schools. Many of the country’s more than 96,000 lakes also offer good water sports opportunities.

Halsingland and its farms

The province of Hälsingland, an area of ​​large lakes and rocky hills, is known for its Hälsingegårdar (Hälsing farmsteads). Typical of the region, these wooden mansions are two to three stories high and were built as a symbol of wealth and independence. Several of these farms are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

National parks in Smaland

Four of Sweden’s thirty national parks are located in the southern Swedish province of Småland : Åsnen, Norra Kvill, Store Mosse and Blå Jungfrun. Åsnen on the lake of the same name is Sweden’s youngest national park. Bird watchers, hikers, campers, canoeists and fishermen have come to the right place. Norra Kvill is home to a natural, centuries-old primeval forest. In Store Mosse, hikers experience the unique atmosphere that emanates from the extensive moorland of the national park. Blå Jungfrun National Park is located on the legendary island of the same name in the Baltic Sea. There is a lot to discover on the uninhabited island, from caves to a stone labyrinth.

National parks in Smaland

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