Sony Has at Hand a Stunning Patent: Sensor Able to Adjust The Exposure at The Pixel Level

This year Sony is throwing the rest in regards to the design of new technologies can improve the performance of our cameras image sensors. In April, we learned of the existence of that sensor curved so interesting that as we have spoken several times on Engadget photo, and that it should be available in a commercial product no more beyond 2015. And now we were surprised with another pretty spectacular patent.

This time that Sony engineers seem to have between hands is a sensor capable of adjust the exposure level photodiode. Something unthinkable until now. This provision, roughly, will allow sensor to differentiate the brightest areas of the composition and the darker, for, from there, adjust the exposure time to the needs of that particular take. Surprising.

If you look at the images that you have under these lines you will see that this sensor includes two types of photodiodes: long exposure and short exposure. This, in theory, allows you to adjust the exposure by areas, thus maximized the amount of information that the sensor is able to pick up without leaving some areas ‘paddocks’ and other ‘burned’.

An interesting component of this sensor will be the HDR blend and blur correction unit, that, on paper, will create a single image by selecting the better exposed areas of several shots with different exposure time. The truth is that I can think of many questions about the performance of this sensor information that we know does not respond, but it may not take to have more news about this interesting innovation.