So See The Super Slow Motion 1000 Fps Full HD Smartphones to New Sony Sensor

One of the most profitable business for Sony It is the photo sensors, therefore the company tends to invest significantly in research and development to create the next great leap in this section. Today, as part of these efforts, they are giving unveiled new technology that will bring to life a new sensor for mobile.

This new sensor is an important step, since thanks to the incorporation of its own DRAM memory we have access to a greater capture speed, as well as better definition, and even the possibility of capturing video in slow motion up to 1000 fps at 1080 p, something which today few cameras are capable of doing.

Three layers with DRAM sensor

In addition to capturing video at 1000 fps in Full HD, this sensor is capable of taking pictures at a 1/120-19.3 megapixel speed, which allows you to capture images in motion with clarity. According to Sony, if we compare the sensor with what is currently on the market, slow motion is up to eight times faster and still-image capture is up to four times faster.

The sensor is a CMOS with three layers, when they are conventionally manufactured with only two, and is the third layer is the incorporation of a DRAM memory module, used to temporarily store signs read at high speed. All these data are displayed to optimum speed according to the setting of the device, so that manufacturers may choose to use it as an additional feature.

An important point is that the sensor is programmed to launching automatically super slow motion mode, by which the user not must worry about activate it each time, in addition to that is optimized for those scenes where you need to see the detail of the movement.

And as it was of waiting, this new sensor account with improvements in noise reduction, reproduction of color and response to low-light scenes. But as importantly it is to see it in action, Sony has released a video showing us their behavior to different scenes in motion with slow motion activated function.

To put things in context, today there are few smartphones able to record slow motion in Full HD. As for example Google Pixel, which capture 120 fps in Full HD, already that if we want to make the leap to 240 fps, resolution down to 720 p.

Sony has not released the date It estimated this sensor will be available, however it is believed that we could see it on the first smartphones in one or two years approximately.