When vacationing in Cuba, a visit to Havana is actually a mandatory number. In this capital of Cuba, there are still a number of special old vehicles that have been discarded by America. Some copies are assembled with different parts from different brands. The beautiful (unfortunately less well-maintained) architecture can be discovered on every street corner. Ladies with thick cigars, great music and of course the real Havanna Club Rum characterize this gem in Latin America. According to act-test-centers, Havana’s nightlife is known for its compelling music and the ever-dancing locals. While enjoying a delicious Mojito or other mix with the homemade rum, it is good to stay in this colorful city. You notice in Havana that since the Americans are allowed to travel to Cuba again, the city is changing. If you want to taste the authentic atmosphere that arose during the trade embargo, you should act quickly.

Havana ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Plaza de la Catedral
Those looking for the real Cuba should not miss this cheerful and bustling square. On this square is the beautiful cathedral of the city and there are always street musicians or dancers to be found. Small markets are regularly held on this square where you can buy beautiful handmade works of art, for example. There is also an art gallery around this square in Casa del Marques de Arcos and Casa de Lombillo, which houses the Museo de la Educación.

#2. Museo de la Revolución
This former palace of the dictator Fulgencio Batista now tells the one-sided story of the Cuban Revolution and the country’s history. The beautiful building is not very old. It was built between 1913 and 1920.

#3. Malecón
This boulevard of Havana is always full of people. Some go for a lovely walk, others try to catch a fish and still others dream away with their loved one (or alone) with their thoughts. The Malecón is about eight kilometers long and runs along the coast in Havana. The most important sights on this coastline are the Castillo de la Real Fuerza and Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta. When the weather and the sea get a bit rougher, the waves beat hard over the balustrade of the Malecón. It’s a spectacular sight.

#4. Catedral de San Cristobal de la Habana
The city’s Roman Catholic cathedral was built on Plaza de la Catedral in the old part of Havana. The cathedral is built in Baroque style and has two bell towers. Inside you can admire paintings by the French painter Jean Baptiste Vermay. Several famous and influential people from Havana are buried in the cathedral.

#5. Castillo del Morro
This fortress was used to protect Havana from pirate attacks. Later, around the 18th century, the fortress was used as a prison with mainly political prisoners. Today, the fortress is a museum that tells about piracy, among other things. Every evening at 9 pm a cannon shot is fired from this fort, indicating that the harbor is closed.

#6. Plaza de la Revolución
From this square the former president Fidel Castro delivered his enormous long and fiery speeches to the people. In the square is the statue of Cuba’s national hero ‘Jose Martí’. The library and ministries are also located on this square. The large image on the building of the Ministry of the Interior immediately attracts attention.

#7. Ernest Hemingway route
Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway is inextricably linked to his beloved Havana. Some of his stories were written during his stay in Cuba. During the Ernest Hemingway route, for example, the house ‘Finca Vigia’ and his favorite places in the city are visited. Of course, the Hemingway Museum is not skipped. During the walk, all kinds of information is given.

#8. La Bodeguita
If you would like to know where the first Mojito was served, you should not miss this cafe/restaurant. This is where the origin of this delicious cocktail originated. In this home of well-known artists and writers, the atmosphere of yesteryear still prevails. The famous writer Ernest Hemmingway particularly enjoyed his beloved Daiquiri cocktail in this establishment. It is also known as a fine fish restaurant.

#9. Museo de la Ciudad
The beautiful palace on Plaza de Armas in old Havana houses a museum which is beautifully decorated as a decadent villa with many ornate architectural details. This ‘Palacio de los Capitanes Generales’ dates from 1776 and has been inhabited by several important people ever since. Since it was opened as a museum to the public in 1968, it has received many visitors. The courtyard of the palace is particularly beautiful.

#10. El Capitolio Nacional
A copy of the Capitol in Washington can be found south of the Parque Central. This imposing neoclassical building with its beautiful dome was built around 1926 for the seat of government. The building is partly accessible to the public.

Havana, Cuba

Sights of Havana, Cuba
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