Sharp Unveils The Sensor for Camera Stabilizer Thinnest Mobile Phones

The camera phone can never replace a reflex! That’s something obvious… but is useful sometimes have a mobile camera close and portray this snapshot that otherwise could you not because you do not have your reflex by hand. Sharp has presented sensor for camera thinnest mobile phone with stabilizer that exists (for the moment).

We are talking specifically about a sensor just 5.47 mm of height. This sensor has stabilizer, by that situations increase will help to maintain the usual trepidation that tends to “spoil” the photos. This nearly 8 mm (1/3.2-inch) CMOS sensor is capable of taking pictures at a resolution of 12 megapixel and record 1080 p HD video.

Its mass production is expected to January 2012, so the Smartphones that arise in the coming year will be a very interesting option when choosing your camera sensor without compromising the final thickness of the terminal. We will see what will be the manufacturers that decide to include this sensor.