Security Systems and Fiction, The Day to Be Hacker Was Funny and Dramatic

There is nothing as fiction, in multiple formats, to extol the roles and actions of everyday life, or sometimes not so much. Everything can be fun and epic, This phrase could almost be the banner of Michael Bay in all your tapes. Nothing is saved from the drama of cinema or the ludificacion of the game.

The hackers either, and that as a result of the new fingerprint system (may as well explained my colleague William a few days ago) today I talk about the counterpart who designed security systems. But not the truth, the fiction.

Out of the ordinary and mundane at any cost

The stereotype of a hacker is fairly consolidated: typical nerd with few friends who, in the darkness of your basement, is dedicated to making the puñeta everyone violating Security System. Make a movie or a video game that is a tremendous boredom.

The truth is that this cliche is not true but media fiction tend to extol those figures, a little to undermine that part of everyday life to make it more spectacular. It is true that perhaps that actor in that movie that you’re thinking of has no or dad’s computer but eh, has managed to fly a missile with its computer base.

That’s cool, and the truth is that when we think of ways to avoid security systems we think often about solutions at home how to use a photo in the facial recognition or a photocopy of the fingerprint (say to work) in devices such as the iPhone 5S.

However, in a movie or a video game mola more. Accounts back, explosions cascoporro and the feeling that we will turn to half the world. Let’s look at some films that expose the drama of being a hacker.

The faster film that comes to mind, by name, is operation Swordfish. A tape that took all this terminology jerk a little a few years ago to remove a story spun a little wrong where a group of hackers could control what would give them the real wins.

In fact, many will recall some scene where one girl Drea de Matteo gave a bit of love under the table to Hugh Jackman as John Travolta aimed him with a gun to the head. Go crazy, all very believable.

Who also provided dramatize everything meant to bypass security systems was Hackers. Another movie that tried to get slice of the phenomenon but with many inaccuracies someone be ever wonder why you never hit the SPACEBAR?

About security and connection systems, in the film we have also seen some pretty weird fiction ideas. Without going any further, the Na’vi Avatar film that they used their hair as a kind of USB cables to connect to each other.

Curious case of Gamer, a film to oblivion where players, osobama real, were controlled through controls by third parties. All that, with the classic spy films typical iris and fingerprint recognition systems.

Being a hacker is fun, according to video games

After reviewing over the cinema, we talk about video games. This branch, always speaks of the ludificacion, as a process where it is converted in mechanical game with a series of standards. In this way, hack becomes part of the game.

Many times in life real, it’s sending commands and wait for the other party to respond. Obviously, this isn’t fun within a video game so its creators are, forgive the repetition, creative at the time of introducing mechanical that, without being especially accurate it end up being entertaining.

There are many games that explore these possibilities. For example, Deus Ex to hack the access door and even computers. In the latest installment, Human Revolution, trying to be in any way realistic imitation as a security system try us to catch when it detects that we have infiltrated.

Others, such as Watch Dogs that goes on sale this Christmas, takes the issue of further hacking. Our protagonist will be capable of block electrical systems and basically do what give the win thanks to his skills and a device prepared for such a task.

We have also classics as Interphase that, inspired by the aesthetics cyberpunk get a quite resultón mixture between virtual and real worlds with many puzzles of means. Another game that is coming is Quadrilateral Cowboy, where we will be a hacker armed with a 56 kbps modem in the 80s.

In film, series or video games, the truth is that the image of experts topple security systems of all types is something really simple. The reality is quite different, although the representation of these characters and their actions are dramatic and fun.