Secure Most Currency in The World, According to United Kingdom, Will Debut Tomorrow: Has 12 Sides and High Security “Top Secret”

Perhaps the bitcoin virtual currency par excellence, but in United Kingdom they wanted to update the traditional currency (Physics) going beyond the aesthetic and reinforcing measures against counterfeiting. Tomorrow is the day of the premiere and say This new one pound coin is the safest in the world.

The current currency is of a single color and in a circular motion as many, and this last aspect is one which changes to make it more recognizable to the touch. But what stand out are the peculiarities that make it more difficult to forge, although at the moment have said fair information.

A “top secret” security system, at least now

The body responsible for the manufacture of coins in United Kingdom, Royal Mint, published in 2015 that 2.55% of circulating coins were false. Something less than the previous year but enough to put any measure in this regard, and this new coin was born in order to complicate the task of the counterfeiters.

In that same post they remembered how counterfeit coins, can detect one of them being the fact that the inscriptions were wrong or that had uneven in depth or spacing. The new currency is another design on both edge (it is not circular, it has form of dodecagon – twelve-sided-) as in inscriptions, as well as a relief that acts as a hologram (switching between “1” and “£”), but what is striking is that “high security hidden feature” (hidden high security feature).

The only thing listed on the website of the currency on this is that on the inside of the coin is inserted some kind of high security that “will protect them from counterfeiting in the future”. On this characteristic internal stated at the time of the announcement that it is iSIS (Integrated Secure Identification Systems), which would be composed of three layers and system that could be verified by automated quickly detection systems.

About at the moment nothing is known more officially, although a few months ago the Hufftington Post published in connection with a link that seemed to go to a page of information about ISIS of the Royal Mint, but which currently does not exist (and we will redirect to the home page).

Security inside is felt on the outside

Keeping secret the details of iSIS is probably a matter of security as already aimed at Gizmodo UK after announcing this new currency, also explaining that it worked for three years in the development of this system at a cost of approximately € 2.32 billion. But beyond this iSIS other amendments also van aimed to deter the counterfeiter, as the have 12 sides or mix two types of metal.

Así, the new currency will begin circulating tomorrow, which implies an update of the machines and equipment that operate with coins to adapt them to the new features of this. In terms of the circulation of the currency that from tomorrow will be old, there will be time until October 15 to retailers accept it, allowing that they can still be change in banks after this. We will see if it is actually harder to falsify them and if later we have more details of these three inner layers of security.