Router, Reset of Settings and Copies of Security: How Is Made?

Router, Reset of Settings and Copies of Security: How Is Made?

Enter to modify the configuration settings of the router is something that not everyone is willing to make. Not because it is complicated, as much the latest interfaces make it easy, but for the fear of touching or simply lack of knowledge of how do it.

In that option of not knowing how to do it are a very common problem: forget the access data. Yes, it seems strange, but many users do not know what the user and password to access your router. Partly because they never did or not read the instructions.

Users by default and how to restart them

A router by default brings with it a username and password established factory. In the majority of cases, it is the same for all the range of products of a brand. Typical combinations are vacuum/admin, admin/admin, admin/1234, etc..

If by some chance you’ve lost the instruction manual a simple Google search tends to give you the solution. Using the search “user default router make and model that it is” already will be. Even so, there are pages such as [] ( which are responsible for collecting by brand and model these passwords.

It is a useful resource but what happens if at the time we established our own user or key. Quiet, it can be restarted so that everything returns to default. The problem with this is that we have established fixed IP addresses for our devices, open or closed ports, etc. will be lost if all that configuration.

To reset a router usually you keep pressing a Reset button that include. On other occasions, as well as any web services, carried out via the web interface that you access from your browser.

Access the web interface configuration of a router, if you don’t have App or even having it, is as simple as entering the IP address of the same. Knowing this IP is easy in most operating systems. Only you must go to your computer’s network settings, and in the ethernet adapter or wifi watch what is the Host address.

For example, in my case, accessing OS X network settings I see the IP of the router is That is the direction which would have to type in the browser to access my router Fritz! Box and be able to restore it if you do not remember your password.

Backup of the configuration of your router

One thinks that the router, once configured, will not need to touch it more. It is logical but there are times where we do have the need and we see the need to restart it as we mentioned earlier. In those cases, lose configuration of equipment, ports, etc. is a hassle. Therefore, It is important to make a backup of the configuration of our router.

This option make a backup of the settings is already very common between existing routers. Search option, it creates the file and save it somewhere you do not want to delete it. I usually use a storage service in the cloud to have those files but worth a local hard disk.

Thus, in the case of resetting your router will be able to have everything configured as before in a matter of seconds. Important if you have multiple computers configured, settings of wifi network, WiFi connection for guests, open ports, etc..

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