Problems DVR Stand Alone COP H264 Does not Work

Hello, this subject has already been discussed in other CCTV Forum, as it is a very frequent doubt among users we will pass some tips and tests that can be done to solve these types of problems that the DVR may present.

Problems DVR Stand Alone COP H264 Does not Work

Many users are scared when the Stand Alone COP DVR remote control does not work, but this can happen for the following reasons:

  • There may be something obstructing the LED on the remote control.
  • Problems with the battery of the remote control.
  • Make sure you have removed the protection that comes in front of the infrared sensor of the DVR COP.

Tip – Test what can be done inhabit the camera of your cell phone and see if the push the button of the remote control trigger the LED of the control.

When connecting the DVR COP does not even recognize the USB mouse what can it be?

Usually when this happens is when the mouse is connected to the backup USB port of the images there the DVR COP will not even recognize the mouse.

Another common problem is when the DVR COP does not recognize the HD hard disk, this happens when the HD mark is not compatible with the DVR or when the HD is higher than the one supported by the DVR in this way will not be recognized by the same.

Tip – To know if the problem with the HD really is this you have to test HD with less storage capacity to see if the DVR COP recognizes.

Well, these are the most frequent problems we get, but if you’ve already got or have a problem other than those mentioned above, leave your comment that we will help you the best way possible.