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Mount Everest Base Camp

We at Tourist Travel do not hold back from naming Nepal the best trekking country in the world. What makes trekking in Nepal such an overwhelming and unique experience is the varying level of the country. Here is flat land, steep mountain slopes, bumpy routes and straight paths.

Trekking in Nepal can be done for everyone, because the possibilities are endless. Annapurna is the country’s largest trekking area. The area offers trekking routes that only take one day, but also routes that extend over three weeks.

The world’s highest mountain Mount Everest is also home to stunning Nepal. Even though you may not be ready to reach the top of the 8,848 meter high mountain, you can still easily get a bite of Everest. With Tourist travel you can experience trekking at Everestbasecamp – or in short “base camp” synonymous with the hike to Everest.


According to, Nuwakot is an ancient royal city, located on the road to the Langtang Valley. Trekking in Nepal is possible on the way to Nuwakot. King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who united Nepal in 1767, lived in the charming and beautiful village.

In Nuwakot, one runs a beautiful, clean main street, which leads up to the king’s summer palace Saat Taale Durbar. The building is simply unique and a great experience. In Nuwakot we have a homestay Lodge with three rooms, where you will find shower and toilet in the garden in the best trekking style.

The house dates back to Prithvi Narayan Shah, Nepal’s first king. With Tourist Travel you can visit Nuwakot where we typically visit the local school that we support. We also stroll around the city and see the area’s main temples, Nuwakot Bhairabee Temple and Jalpadevi Mandir.


Manaslu is the 8th highest mountain in the world with a height of 8,153 meters. Tourist Travel offers one of Nepal’s most varied trekking routes to a quite overlooked gem, where you will see one of the Himalayas most beautiful peaks around Manaslu.

On trekking in Nepal near Manaslu you will experience river valleys, the land of the yak and the Larkya Pass. Both altitude levels and cultural vary on this trip. Manaslu is far from being the famous tourist area. Here you will find small villages and Buddhist monasteries.

Most people who strive for trekking in Nepal, want to experience huge Himalayas. On trekking around Manaslu, that is exactly what will happen. You are led from lush lowlands with rice terraces, to the highest parts of the beautiful Himalayas.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park was established in 1973 and is particularly known for its large population of several hundred Indian armor rhinos. Fortunately, it is not the only animal found in Chitwan National Park. In Chitwan you can also experience various deer species, mangoes, otters, gavial crocodiles and swamp crocodiles.

The park also has various predators such as leopards, lip bears and Bengal king tigers. It is a sensual experience to go on safari in Chitwan. Even if you look at the sky, the fauna will show off at its best when more than 450 colorful bird species roam the park.

Trekking in Nepal can also be done through Chitwan and that experience will not disappoint. You have 932 km2 park to explore, and there are enough impressions to inhale here, in the form of the varied terrain and the beautiful Narayani river.

Festival in Nepal

In addition to trekking in Nepal, you should go to one of the spring festivals. Here it is celebrated and celebrated on every occasion. For example, in Nepal there is a festival at the turn of the year, for the gods Saraswati and Lord Shiva and for Buddhism and Hinduism in general.

Get a unique experience by going to one of the many festivals that are in Nepal. Dashain also called Durga Puja is Nepal’s biggest festival. Dashain is held every year in September and October and is definitely the most important Nepalese festival. Virtually all public activities are stopped and the educational institutions are closed for approx. 2 weeks.

Indra Jatra is a glorious festival for the rain god Indra, which takes place in August and September. For eight days, the feast is held and the Kumari, the living goddess, is driven around the streets of Kathmandu three times in an ornate ceremonial carriage. Among other things, the king must worship the Kumari under Indra Jatra.

Festival in Nepal

Places to experience in Nepal


The capital of Nepal is the city of Kathmandu, which is also the country’s largest city. Kathmandu has a population of 990,000 inhabitants, and if you also count the cities of Patan and Bhaktapur, there live about 2.5 million.

The city was founded in the year 723, and is located at an altitude of more than 1,300 meters in a small valley. Close to the shower rivers Baghmatis and Vishnumatis. Kathmandu is also central to those who are going trekking in Nepal.


The Japanese Buddhist monk Ekai Kawaguchi, described Pokhara in the following words: “Of all my discoveries in the Himalayas, no scenery has been as enchanting as the one I encountered in Pokhara.”

Kawaguchi was an explorer in the Himalayas for four years, and here he fell in love with Pokhara. The town is located close to the large beautiful lake Phewa Tal in a green and lush valley. 30 kilometers away you will find the Himalayan mountains.


It is not many years ago that we, as the only Danish travel agency, had Bandipur in our catalog. However, since then, more people have opened their eyes to Bandipur and the city’s beautiful natural surroundings, which are close to trekking in Nepal.

Bandipur a small village inhabited by the Magar people. After Prithvi Narayan Shah united all of Nepal, immigrants came from the major cities of Nepal. Under Rana rule in 1846, Bandipur was part of a popular trade route.


Lumbuni is very special as the stories tell that the Buddha himself lived here from 563-483 BC. It is said that his mother Queen Maya was on her way to her hometown when she had to make teams in Lumbini due to the advent of the Buddha.

Buddha is today a respected and revered icon in Nepal. But the Buddha’s own father King Suddhodana was not a fan of the Buddha’s plans. His sorrow was great when he heard that his son would become a Buddha.


The mountain town of Tansen is located at an altitude of 1,350 meters. The city gives you one of the most beautiful views of the planet across the Kali Gandaki River and the impressive Himalayan mountains. The city stands in all its splendor leaning up the mountainside.

From the mountain top above the town called Srinagar Danda you can spot a landscape of the most beautiful mountains like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. It is a breathtaking experience that deviates from the general tourist attractions.

Lo Manthang

Not everyone is allowed to visit the Kingdom of Lo. The adventurous Hiamalaya passengers who make their way to Lo Manthang are greeted by a famous stop sign at the police station in Kagbeni. Here it has hung for over 30 years.

But with Tourist travel on trekking in Nepal, it is possible for you to swing past Lo Manthang. It is a great honor for us to have the opportunity to invite our adventurous guests to this kingdom.

Places to Visit in Nepal
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