Photos, RAW and Video 1080 P at 30 Fps in Mobile, a Reality Thanks to OmniVision

That the world of mobile photography is gaining you more ground to the world of the compact digital is a fact. Increasingly we have mobile to offer us one quality more than acceptable, occasionally very similar to some Chambers photos.

Today OmniVision It goes one step further in this small war of devices, and presents the first mobile sensor capable of shooting in RAW, the equivalent to the negative, digital, and that will allow us to store in a file the information that the sensor is able to capture, giving us many more possibilities of editing than a JPG photo, for example.

And it does so with a sensor of five megapixel, which promises to significantly improve the performance of this type of sensors in bad light conditions and will be able to in addition to 60 fps and 720 p or 1080 p and 30 fps video capture.

Moment the relevant tests are underway and it is expected that the sensor is ready to make the leap to the market for the month of July.

Good news, no doubt, for those who prefer the phone as a camera against the Compact. We will see the actual results that provide this type of sensors to give a verdict.