Panasonic Introduces New 14-Megapixel MOS Sensor

Panasonic has just announced the development of the MN34110, a new photographic type MOS sensor to improve the sensitivity and definition of current standards. The sensor of 7.7 mm diagonal, offers 14-megapixel effective resolution and it is based on the sensor vMaicovicon of the company.

The new sensor is based on 32 and 45 nanometer semiconductors to reduce its thickness, which makes it very suitable to be installed on smartphones or tablets. The main objective of Panasonic, apart from climbing a little more megapixels Batten, was that the image quality would be more homogeneous.

Far from being a project, the MN34110 is already finished and Panasonic will begin their mass production in December of this year. The company also ensures that your design type MOS makes it easier to manufacture, so their availability for other companies will be guaranteed.


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