OPTENET, Filtering of Internet Content in The Home

Some time ago we told you about Kangaroo Net, an Internet content filtering program. And is that increasingly there is a range of software tools on the market for inappropriate content on the Internet are out of reach of children House.

In this case we speak of Optenet, which has a section specializing in home, precisely for the use of the family computer. The programs can block web content for minors and make network browsing experience safer and more positive.

There are several options, such as WebFilter PC, that is can customize access for each Member of the family according to their age and profile and also limit the time of navigation, as well as block pages for adults or dangerous or control file downloads.

Another more advanced solution is Security Suite PC, which also allows you to protect the computer from software spyware and malware that is hosted on the web.

As in all these systems, there is a margin of error, where you can enter inappropriate content, but it is certainly much more difficult to happen if we a filtering program of this type.

In any case, remember that the best to good use of the Internet It is an education and an escort from the first moments in which children come to the computer.