MyFox Is an Alarm That Aims to Anticipate The Intruders at Home

MyFox Is an Alarm That Aims to Anticipate The Intruders at Home

One of the most interesting systems of alarm and security at home without installation of the market comes to Spain. MyFox He has presented its two main products, an alarm and a surveillance camera, linking security with home automation in a way that we liked from jointly or separately,.

In addition, both products have tried with your design integrate naturally into the furniture of the House. The strong point of the camera is that when we are at home we can close your goal to maintain the privacy, While the alarm integrates a system capable according to MyFox of stay ahead of hackers to increase its deterrent effectiveness.

MyFox Home Alarm with shock sensor

The central element of the MyFox system is its Home Alarm. This device that actually looks like a router or team great design multimedia, receives information from different devices (50 euros the unit) that we put in windows and doors, and that measure vibrations. The system is able to differentiate a ball hits, wind or similar of the attempt to force a lock or open with a key House. Depending on this the alarm be activated or not.

That possibility of differentiating what is happening on the periphery of the House is based on the MyFox, that system It would activate the audible alarm until nobody had gone to the House, What could serve as a measure to prevent effective entry. Despite the vibration system if the intruder get into without such pre-activation of the alarm, whether it suppressed the camera presence detection.

A component that helps in the management of the alarm is the Advanced key. With it, the safety system detects that we we are who we approach the House and automatically disables the alarm. Logically there is a risk that in case of losing keys, alarm system is vulnerable.

This key also serves as reminder to activate the alarm to us away from home (communication is by radio with a range of 200 metres in a straight line) and have not done so. Here activation is no longer automatic, but is at least included this reminder. The activation of the alarm is not necessary to make it physically leaving, as with the mobile application can be activated from anywhere instantly whenever the Home Alarm is connected to the Internet via Wifi with our home network.

An element that seems to be a good success in implementation is to carry a kind of Journal of what happens at home: who enters and leaves, when turns off or turns on the alarm or to even have a video of what happens. Controls are required for the first options extras, that have a high price: 30 euros.

The application can also manage temporary access (installers, cleaners…) or when we go on vacation and want a family member or neighbor stays alert between at home with a remote control, indicating to the system at what moment we allow this entry at home while the alarm is sounding.

The Home Alarm system with a remote control and a label for doors comes by 299 EUR.

A surveillance camera with lid closed to demand

The second element of MyFox is one security camera You can have controlled what happens indoors at all times. The video has quality FullHD, night vision and motion detector to send alarms to our smartphone. When we’re at home the privacy we can secure it with a top that we can close at any time.

The camera has a price of 199 euros, and there is a plan of optional monthly payment from 10 euros a month for 30 hours of continuous recording as well as a timeline with the highlights of the day.

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