Movistar Will Take Its Fiber 15 Mill. Homes and 4G to Towns of More Than 5,000 Inhabitants in 2015

The 28 meeting of the Santander telecommunications arrives at its last day, a day reserved for the presentation of Luis Miguel Gilperez, President of Telefonica. Having already heard the demands of the President of the company globally, Cesar Alierta, the different Spanish and European regulators of Gilperez have received a review of the strategy of your company and its plans for the future.

In addition to boast of having set a before and an after with the launch of Movistar merger, which already has 3.4 million customers, have known also plans short of Movistar with the 4 G and fibre, which will come to all populations of at least 5,000 inhabitants and 15 million homes respectively by 2015. But in addition also has made official the arrival of products security and cloud gaming operator supply.

The first thing that has made Gilpérez has been claim numbers. On the one hand we have heard you ensure that your company’s investment is half all it invests the operators in Spain, as well as being the European company that most invests in r & d. obviously also have heard you boast of the figures of Movistar Fusion, with 3.4 million customers (0.9 with fibre connections) and 1.2 million customers with contracted pay TV. But the interesting thing was in announcements of plans for the future.

Strong expansion of the 4G in 2015 and arrival of the LTE-A

Currently operators with own network have wide 4G coverage, but that is usually only in populations with at least 50,000-70,000 inhabitants, in addition to locations of special interest for being great tourist centers. This has left out of coverage smaller populations, which may even not have a decent 3G coverage.

The 4G from Movistar will reach all populations of more than 1,000 inhabitants in 2016

But Movistar has promised that over the next year will take its 4 G all Spanish populations with at least 5,000 inhabitants, extending that deployment to all populations of at least 1,000 by 2016. By the mentioned dates it would be logical that this great expansion is forth taking advantage of the release of the 800 MHz band, scheduled for January 2015, and which allows that each antenna has a greater range.

Added to this deployment plan Gilpérez has announced the arrival in already commercial LTE-Advanced stage in October to Madrid and Barcelona. With the new network Movistar customers with compatible devices may have with speeds of up to 300 Mbps down, as recently announced Vodafone.

Symmetrical connections to fiber

Movistar plans in terms of fiber are also very ambitious. The operator It will close this year with some 10 million households last, reaching 15 million in 2015 and a total of 80% of the Spanish population in 2017. But in addition to continuing with its expansion plan Gilpérez has given a news very awaited by many users.

The arrival of the symmetry is great news for gamers or companies

The President of Telefónica Spain has also spoken of symmetry, that word which so little like operators, promising that in the near future the operator fiber connections will be have the same speed of ascent and descent. A You’ll certainly want to companies or hardcore gamers news, and that comes after years in which usually the upload speed is one-tenth of the drop (in the fiber of Movistar are down 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps of upload).

Cloud gaming for Fusion and security products

As it has been rumored recently Movistar wants to go one step further in its catalog offering products not present right now on it. The first to be incorporated will be security systems for home, although no one has told us detail, we imagine that they will use the operator networks to communicate with the user. Arrival to the operator offering is planned for this year.

Already in 2015 it would the operator the cloud gaming portfolio. Movistar offers its clients access to a extensive catalogue of video games, available to play without having to be downloaded completely and social functions. Nor have details of as it will be this offer, which is clearly linked to the arrival of the symmetrical fiber connections speeds.

With all incorporations Movistar want to spend offer a product quadruple-play (fixed, mobile, Internet and TV) as it is now melting to a sextuple-play, It would allow him to earn income and therefore in ARPU, revenue per customer.

More content for television

Finally Movistar will also strengthen its pay television service. In addition to the content you have purchased recently, related mainly with sport, Movistar plans the creation of a new own channel containing series. In the room would have acquired series rights, which would be issued the following day’s issue in the U.S., as well as Canal + series when closing the acquisition of this.

Movistar will create a new channel series

The series issued in this channel in addition to be able to be recorded with the service of the cloud of Movistar TV recordings would be accessible at any time, even having a repository of full seasons.

A clear commitment: 4G, fiber and more services

Movistar bet is therefore clear: more 4G, fiber, improvements in television and new services. In the operator are aware that it is very difficult to stop the hemorrhage suffered in mobile lines but offering more and more services and empaquetandolos in a single product, such as Fusion, at least sure to have a few more loyal customers.

The only thing that has failed us by Movistar is the announcement of new improvements or Fusion rates and/or mobile rates, After being cancelled in summer. It would be likely that by mid of this month, or as much of the following we had novelties, coinciding with the second anniversary of the launch of Movistar Fusion.