M3i Converts Your Guitar in a Laser Guitar

M3i Converts Your Guitar in a Laser Guitar

That you have ever tried the prototypes and limited business models of guitars that are trying to connect to electronic systems as interface for video games or to remix the audio may have noticed a annoying delay of the signal Since a string is pressed until the device that we have connected the guitar recognizes it. This is due to the imprecision of the sensors that detect the vibration of the string.

The solution sounds a little tool of jedi Knight, but is nothing less than a Guitar laser. A company called M3i Technologies It has developed a sensor which emits a laser on each of the strings of the instrument. This beam accurately measures and without delay the distance to which press or pinch each string and transmits it to the electronic shift system.

The invention Yet it has not marketed, but its creators say that its accuracy is perfect to convert our favorite Ibanez in a driver for games type Guitar Hero. The system would also be capable of being connected to smartphones or tablets to be used as a tool for audio or learning method.

To calculate the position of the finger in each string, the M3i laser guitar don’t even need to be tuned. That not to mention the evil red light wrapped ‘ magically ’ our fingers touching. The guitar-playing fans will enjoy this. Now just to see if Activision or any other company is interested in the device. The next Guitar Hero could be epic.

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