Lumoback Is The Caretaker of Your Position Every Second

I am not going to discover now that the quantification It has come to stay. I told my experience with different models, we compare them and you are the best models to start. If up to the cars are preparing for this revolution!

These systems have been based until now on measure our movements, and are hardly limited to collect data. Lumoback, After its first phase of collective funding, already have second version in which in addition to take care of our position through a sensor that we put in back to check if we are walking or sitting with the spine straight, now measured other basic aspects such as calories burned, distance traveled, the times that we got up and sat, as well as the time spent on a Chair. To do this, the application also has been refurbished and extended functionality.

The new sensor It has also improved its design, and now it is more comfortable to wear. It fills just, and with the band, it is simple to place. The new Lumoback can already be booked by $150