The terrain is relatively flat, the traffic in most places manageable, the landscape varied and worth seeing – Lithuania is ideal for a cycling holiday.

It doesn’t really matter whether you choose a long-distance bike tour with changing accommodation or a rally with a fixed starting point and overnight stay. What is nice about both variants is that you so often get to places that you would otherwise hardly go to. You approach the country at eye level, have the opportunity to talk to the locals and can enjoy nature extensively while cycling.

There are various long-distance cycle routes that touch Lithuania: The Baltic Sea Cycle Route (EV 10) runs in Lithuania, coming from Russia, through Nida, Klaipeda, Palanga and on to Latvia (Liepaja). The Iron Curtain Route (EV 13) follows a similar course. The Eastern Europe Route (EV 11) leads from Estonia to Vilnius and on to Warsaw.

Klaipeda is a good starting point for a holiday with varied (multi-day) bike trips. From there it is, for example, about 50 kilometers to Nida via the completely asphalted and partly renewed bike path over the Curonian Spit – through beautiful dune landscapes, airy pine forests and pretty villages. A three day tour could go from Klaipeda via Silute and Sveksna and back to Klaipeda. From Silute you can take a day trip to the Nemus Delta, where there are countless water birds and the landscape is unique. The route to Palanga (about 30 kilometers) or further to Sventoji on the Latvian border is also very worthwhile.

Basically: Bicycles can be rented in some places in Lithuania. The same applies to child seats (in some places even bicycle trailers for children) and safety equipment. This is absolutely sufficient for short day trips. If you want to cover longer distances, you might want to trust your own bike. Especially when traveling by ferry, you can easily and inexpensively bring your own bike.

Tip: think of good rain and mosquito protection, especially if you are mainly out in nature!

We organize cycling holidays in Lithuania. For example, there is a trip in the program in which the Curonian Spit and the Memelland are explored by bike. The tour can be booked as a group tour or as an individual tour. The daily stages are no longer than 60 kilometers.


A country with such a diverse natural landscape naturally offers beautiful scenery for a wide variety of activities in the fresh air.

Bathers and water sports enthusiasts are guaranteed not to miss out in Lithuania. Compared to the Baltic countries, the country has a rather short coastline of only 100 kilometers, but it is tough. The seaside resort of Palanga and the Curonian Spit are probably the most popular places for a beach holiday. Rightly. Especially the Curonian Spit offers a wonderful scenery with its impressive dune landscape. The beautiful and flat sandy beaches with pleasant water temperatures particularly attract families with children.

The many rivers and lakes of Lithuania offer enough space for kayak and canoe enthusiasts. In the national parks in particular, interesting animal observations are possible during canoe or kayak excursions. Both the Dzukija National Park and the Zemaitija National Park are popular destinations for this.

Ski and snowboard enthusiasts are attracted to the “Snow Arena” indoor ski area near Druskininkai. There are two covered and one open-air ski slopes, as well as the “DruSkiSchool” ski school. Clothing and equipment can be borrowed on site and do not have to be brought from home.

For adrenaline junkies: Hang gliding, parachuting, karting or paintball games in disused bunkers and barracks is also possible in Lithuania. Those who are not averse to the height can see Vilnius from above – on a hot air balloon ride.

Cycling enthusiasts can let off steam on the long-distance cycle paths or the less traveled roads and enjoy nature to the fullest. The Curonian Spit (Lithuanian side) is fully developed with an asphalt bike path. Children can also ride safely here.


With its unique landscape, Lithuania is an excellent destination for campers, i.e. for people who like to spend their vacation in the great outdoors. The network of campsites is still expandable, but on the whole you can get under well and their number is steadily increasing. Most of the campsites are in the south and south-east, while central Lithuania is a little less well-stocked.

You can spend the night cheaply with a tent, caravan or mobile home, and small houses or log cabins are often rented out so that you don’t necessarily need complete camping equipment to live on campsites. This is especially nice for car or bicycle holidaymakers who do not want to take a lot of luggage with them, but who also prefer the cheaper accommodation option.

For visitors to the Curonian Spit: There is only one campsite here, namely the one in Nida. Since wild camping is not permitted in the national park, holidaymakers on the Spit are forced to rent a room here. Since it is well frequented in summer, you shouldn’t show up too late in the day – reservations are not accepted. The site offers all amenities and is just a stone’s throw from the Great Dune near Nida.

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According to Countryaah, Lithuania is a child and family friendly country starting with L. Traveling with children is not a problem at all. Above all, the beautiful nature is ideal for a successful family vacation. The flat sandy beaches are also great for swimming and splashing around for smaller children. In summer the water is wonderfully warm, the sand is fine and invites you to build castles. The Curonian Spit in particular is a popular holiday destination for families. It is comparatively quiet there, there is relatively little traffic, quiet cycle paths, beautiful towns with play facilities and of course the fantastic beach. A family can get relatively cheap accommodation in holiday homes and apartments.

Lithuania is a child and family friendly country

Active families with older children can go on long canoe trips followed by a picnic on the rivers and lakes of the country. In addition, many of the hiking trails are suitable for children.

For families with children who are enthusiastic about skiing or snowboarding: a trip to the “Snow Arena” ski hall near Druskininkai ensures variety and exercise. There are two covered and one open-air ski slopes, as well as the “DruSkiSchool” ski school and the “DruFunPark” children’s park. Clothing and equipment do not have to be brought from home, they can be borrowed on site.

Those seeking relaxation

Lithuania offers untouched nature, fresh sea air on the coast and numerous beautiful holiday and health resorts – a good setting for a holiday to take a deep breath. If you want to relax, this is the right place. There is hardly any stress and hectic pace in Lithuania. Instead, you can enjoy nature to the full on walks and hikes. From wellness holidays to medical spa stays, almost everything can be booked in the Lithuanian spa and spa hotels. And all this at a favorable price-performance ratio.

Lithuania has four health resorts, Palanga and the Curonian Spit on the coast, Birstonas and Druskininkai in the interior. While the fresh, salty sea air, a swim in the sea and the calm atmosphere contribute to relaxation on the coast, Druskininkai has always been famous for its sanatoriums. The clean air, the mild climate, the mineral springs and mud treatments help the stressed and sick to recover and recover.

The Lithuanians have a strong sauna culture. The typical Lithuanian sauna is a steam sauna in which various medicinal herbs are used in the form of infusions. Traditional sauna rods (traditionally made from birch, but also from other trees, shrubs or herbs) support the healing process. If you like, you can cool off in an ice hole afterwards. In Ignalina, in the very east of Lithuania, sauna fans looking for a sauna of the old Lithuanian style will find what they are looking for.

The so-called amber therapy is unique in Lithuania. It has long been believed that amber has healing properties. In the amber aroma music therapy, which takes place in a special amber room, breathing exercises and massages are used, the patient lies on a mattress filled with amber and hears the sounds of relaxing music.

Tip: A stay outside the high season is significantly cheaper, and a wellness holiday is a relaxing experience in autumn or winter too.

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