LG Has Created a First Sensor Pressure Flexible and Able to Withstand Extreme Temperatures

LG Has Created a First Sensor Pressure Flexible and Able to Withstand Extreme Temperatures

For years the pressure sensors they have had a form of currency, its main progress has been a reduction in size and improvements in the measurements in less time, but we are facing a radical change in the designs of devices in addition to a new generation of wearables approaches, which point to a use in the clothes that we use daily.

LG has been companies that have more invested in research toward flexible components, something that seems to be the trend in a few years and where Samsung, Oppo and up to Lenovo are already working, but most of the developments are betting on screens, so LG wants to go a step beyond presenting its first flexible pressure sensor.

Pressure-sensitive flexible surfaces

Innotek is the division of innovation of LG, who are now publicizing a development that seeks to any flexible surface can be sensitive to the pressure that is exerted on it, something that could serve both for sportswear and clothes for rehabilitation, as seats of cars, which would be able to know when the driver is present to activate functions.

This new sensor It can fold, wrap, is durable and also withstands extreme temperatures ranging from-40ยบ to the 80 degrees Celsius, is manufactured in polyurethane foam high elasticity in order to adapt to wearables that range from bracelets, shoes, belts and necklaces, to fabric for electronic fibers capable of measuring the amount of pressure applied.

The main task of this sensor is measure the level of external force over its entire surface, for this reason must be sufficiently durable and able to withstand extremes of temperature and usage, it is as well as LG already he has completed the first tests in pants, a 70-kilogram man who has been sitting in it 100,000 times, this without that sensor has suffered any damage or variation in the measurements.

The sensor is still in an early stage of development, but LG is confident that in the coming years will serve for various tasks within a wide range of devices.

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