LENSPEN SensorKlear Loupe Kit, Analysis: Test System Used by NASA to Clean Sensors

When any user faces the task of clean the sensor of the camera for the first time normal is it mug you fear will I be able to do it myself? Would it be better to take it to a service center? An intermediate option is to use a product like LENSPEN SensorKlear Loupe Kit, a special solution for this task to scuttle herself NASA and we tried to tell you how it works and whether it is worth.

And is that you spend a good amount of money if you take it to the official SAT and take a chance to use those circulating on Internet always there are intermediate options. Better perhaps it is doing one but using any of the specific products that are sold to clean sensors. They are not the cheapest solution but at least they provide a certain guarantee for those who feel terrified at the idea of “meter hand” to the sensor.

And if we decided to resort to buy some sort of dedicated product, There are several solutions but, as I have some time, this seems very interesting because you have the guarantee of being the one that uses NASA to clean the sensors in their cameras. And it is that, as I said then, only heard mention the North American space agency one gives you a certain guarantee.

First step: what we are?

The box does not have any sign that refers to its use by NASA and other typical product information and a tag with the flag of Canada Maple Leaf (there is the firm that designed it, even if it is made in China) and which reads “Original Lenspen”. Inside the package, there are three fundamental elements: the LENSPEN Hurricane Blower, that is the typical knob to «blow» air on the surface of the sensor, and the LENSPEN SensorKlearII, is a cleaning pen (we understand that in his second version).

For its part, the LENSPEN SensorKlear Loupe is the main element that It continues to be a sort of magnifying glass that includes a few LED to illuminate the sensor and help us in the task of cleaning. This item is accompanied by a bag for storage and two batteries size AAA which are necessary to run the light.

The most interesting of this kind of telescope is that it is designed in such a way that it does not need to remove it to clean the sensor, since It incorporates a side opening through which we can enter the pen to get the job done. The result is that, while we see in detail and well lit our sensor, can work in cleaning with detail. It is not that it is high-tech but, as already discussed, it is a really ingenious product.

Step by step cleaning

First, that should not be missing tell it, is look for a place as clean as possible and free of dust and dirt. The second thing is to make sure that our camera’s battery is fully charged in good condition for use. We will then prepare the place where we go to work and draw the various components of the kit. Here, the only preparation that must be done on this subject is put batteries in the Magnifier work light Working.

Then you’re ready to start cleaning for what must be sought in the camera setup menu section that allows us to lift up the mirror and let us step for “meter hand” to the sensor.

Made once, the first thing to do is to apply air with the LENSPEN Hurricane Blower (bone knob air) so that, by simple gravity falls off the dust and particles that are less attached to the chip. Made once, We went to turn on the light of the LENSPEN SensorKlear Loupe (Magnifier bone) through the button enabled to this effect, and stand it on the camera that we put upside down on the work surface.

This gadget includes the possibility to move the magnifying glass to approach and move away from the sensor in order to appreciate it in detail. In addition, as it is designed to work both with reflex cameras and four thirds, It has an indication where you have to put it if you want to clean the smaller sensors of this system.

The truth is that the invention works very well and You can see perfectly possible dirt from the sensor. And if we see that it persists despite the blow, it comes when using LENSPEN SensorKlearII (so the pencil) that we introduce without removing the magnifying glass as we have already mentioned. According to the instructions (in English in the box that came to us but available in more languages through the web), the idea is to just play the possible specks of dirt with the tip of the pen, but the truth is that in practice it is not so simple.

Through the magnifying glass be cleaned seeing exactly what you are doing, but the truth is that it looks so great that the pencil brush also seems enormous compared to the sensor and becomes difficult precision work. In any case, we do the work and repeat the step of applying air with knob, so that fall off the dirt that we have cleaned, and to use the magnifying glass, to see the result. And so We can repeat the steps until we left satisfied cleaning (which will vary depending on how it is dirty), may see the result quite clearly at all times.


At this point the question is clear It is worth to buy a product like this? Of course it is very useful to be able to do with light sensor, the system operates very satisfactorily and helps to remove fear If what we are doing is good or not.

By putting a stick would be cleaning pencil. Apart from the previously mentioned that it is not easy to do precision work with it, what we liked least is that We do not leave enough clean sensor until the fourth attempt (even at the end he was not perfect as you can see in the comparative photo). Therefore, perhaps it would be the weak point of the product and this view should be resorting to the classic bud type brush moistened with isopropyl alcohol, seen through the magnifying glass would be much more easy to use.

Detail comparison of two photo made the sky with diaphragm f22 before (left) and after (right) performed cleaning.

Then there is the item price, since it costs more than $100 through its website (plus shipping), but curiously also sold at Amazon for 59 euros (with shipping) in the shop of the own Lenspen. Of course it’s not a gadget cheap but taking into account the technical services prices can compensate.

All It will depend on the degree of anxiety that causes us to clean the sensor ourselves. If we decide to do with our own hands and making use of the LENSPEN SensorKlear Loupe Kit We assure you that the fear will be more controlled, although the result seems not from another Galaxy.