How to Install Surveillance Camera in Garage Complying with Data Protection Act

If you have a parking place and want to install a security camera, that you’ve found are scratching, painting or otherwise damaging your vehicle. Before venturing to install it in this document we will inform you about How to install camera surveillance in compliance with garage LOPD.

How to Install Surveillance Camera in Garage Complying with Data Protection Act

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Monitored parking space complying with data protection act

They might want to consider several cases depending on whether only display images or if they are also recorded.

If only display images

  • You must install at least one poster reporting on the presence of cameras and the titular of the installation.
  • It should be a available to those affected a document model.
  • They should only take images from the private parking place,
    • We cannot take public images
    • Not garage of third parties can be recorded.
    • No record in public areas.
  • Only can access the images for the person in charge of the installation.
  • You must use enough passwords to prevent unauthorized access to the images.

If in addition to see images are recorded images

  • You must inform AGPD service note.
  • The recording system must be installed in a place of restricted access.
  • The images must retain a maximum of 30 days.
  • If it is necessary for the images will be made available by the authorities.

Have available a summary of the installation in private garages at the link.

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