The most convenient way to get to North Goa is by air. From Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major Russian cities, both direct and connecting flights fly there. The cheapest direct flight, if you buy a ticket a couple of months in advance, costs 398 USD per person round trip, operated by Rossiya Airlines from Sheremetyevo. Flight duration – 7 hours.

Keep in mind that the time difference between Moscow and Goa is 2.5 hours. See Bridgat for climate and weather information of India.

With transfers from Moscow Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo, Qatar Airlines, Emirates, Air India and other airlines fly. Prices for connecting flights fluctuate around 400-518 USD. Travel time with transfers 10-18 hours. All flights arrive at Dabolim Airport – the main and only air hub of the state of Goa.

From airport to resort

There are two ways to get from Dabolim Airport on the coast of North Goa: by taxi or by public transport. Taxis can be ordered upon arrival at the airport at the appropriate counter, there is also a booth with approximate prices to a specific resort. But you need to agree on the final cost of the trip with the driver in advance, you can bargain a little – this is welcome here. A taxi ride will cost an average of 2300 INR.

You can save money by using public transport. Then the path from the airport to North Goa is divided into 3 stages: get from the airport to the nearest town of Vasco da Gama by autorickshaw (60 INR); from Vasco da Gama there is a bus to the capital of the state of Goa – Panaji (83 INR); from Panaji you can take a bus to Mapusa – this is another 70 INR. And there already – rent a bike, scooter or take an autorickshaw to the coast.

North Goa Hotels

The most budget-friendly type of accommodation in North Goa is guesthouses. You should not expect any service here – it’s just a place to spend the night, a shower and a toilet in the corridor. But the fee is very moderate – for 8800 INR you can live for a month.

The next, more comfortable category of housing is 2-3 * hotels. Here you can already count on the amenities in the room, often there is a small pool and a restaurant. The cost of a double room is 900-5830 INR per night. There are few 4-5 * hotels in North Goa. They usually have a protected area, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning in the rooms. For example, the Acron Waterfront Resort 5 * hotel, located next to the Baga beach, is popular.

For those who travel to Goa with a large company (4-6 people), it makes sense to consider renting a bungalow or a house. Bungalows – huts made of reed or bamboo right on the ocean, cost – from 1500 INR per day. A house with several bedrooms and a garden will cost from 35,000 INR per month. At a price of 25,600 INR per month, you can find an apartment or apartment.


The most popular transport in North Goa is motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. Renting a bike costs 250-350 INR per day, depending on the model; if you rent for a month, the price will be even lower – 200 INR. There are plenty of rental points in any resort village and even near roadside cafes. However, the traffic is very chaotic, there are almost no road signs and signs, the locals drive at breakneck speed, everyone cuts each other on the roads. Few people use helmets, but tourists should not neglect safety. Bicycle rental in North Goa is not as common as in South Goa due to the terrain. But on the beaches it is quite possible to move on a bike. Rental price – 150-200 INR per day, for a long time – from 50 INR.

For those who do not want to independently understand all the nuances of Indian traffic, there are auto rickshaws (they are tut-tuks). This is a three-wheeled hybrid car and motorcycle – usually accommodates a driver and two passengers. On tuk-tuks it is convenient to ply along the coast – from one beach to another. An auto rickshaw ride is half the price of a taxi, but there is no air conditioning.

As for taxis, there are private traders who travel without a meter, and you have to bargain with them – the price range is from 25 to 30 INR per km. There is also a state taxi (prepaid taxi) with a fixed payment for the trip – 25 INR per km. To move around the state between cities, it is convenient to use buses (shuttle bus). They start walking at 6:00 and end at 19:30 (there are routes that run until 22:00). The fare is 7-10 INR on urban routes, from 80 INR on intercity routes. Timetables can be found at bus stations.

Rent a Car

Car rental is not in high demand in North Goa – few people want to deal with a rental car with such a high level of accidents on the roads. Rental price – from 1600-1800 INRfor a budget model, for example, Toyota Etios. Many rental locations require a deposit. There are no international brand offices here – you can usually rent a car in the same place where bikes are rented. There are no special parking places in the beach villages either, parking is free, but no one is responsible for the safety of your car. You can arrange with the owner of some shek to look after the car. On the roads, you need to observe the speed limit (40-50 km / h), do not drive drunk and carefully drive around the cows – then you don’t have to worry about fines. There is an option to rent a car with a driver, but then he will have to pay for food and accommodation, and this is already comparable to the price of a taxi.

How to Get to North Goa, India

How to Get to North Goa, India
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