How Much Occupy Recordings in Our IP Camera

I.e., we have a SD memory or hard drive and want to know how much occupy recordings in our IP camera to find out how much space will need to be available for each camera.

How Much Occupy Recordings in Our IP Camera

Before nothing indicating the LOPD currently limit to 30 days the maximum time can store these recordings.

To know the size occupied the created videos must take into account several factors:

Video compression in the Chamber and resolution in which we carry out recording:

  • H264 compression. It is the compression more used in most camera models and involves the following factors:
    • Resolution 640 × 480: 185 Mb per hour of recording
      • 1 day deals: 4, 33 Gb
      • 1 week deals: 30,31 Gb
      • 1 month is: 121 Gb
    • Resolution 1280x720p (HD): 1000 Mb per hour of recording
      • 1 day deals: 23.44 Gb
      • 1 week is 164,06 Gb
      • 1 month takes the 656 Gb
    • Resolution 19280x1080p (FULL-HD): 1800 Mb per hour of recording
      • 1 day deals: 42,18 Gb
      • 1 week deals: 295,31 Gb
      • 1 month would be: 1180 Gb
  • MJPEG compression: 640 × 480 resolution. Occupies approximately 1, 25 Gb per hour of recording
    • 1 day deals: 30 Gb
    • 1 week: 210 Gb
    • 1 month 900 Gb

Factors influencing the size of the recording files

  • Complexity of the image: An image may have more colors, it will occupy more than an image for example in a garage or basement with the lights out is almost always see in black
  • Movement in the image: images with continuous movement occupy larger than still images that happens not just movement
  • FPS: the number of images to be recorded per second acts directly on the fluidity of the image and the final size. A video recorded at 20 FPS will be 10 times more than a video recorded at 2 FPS
  • Bitrate: On some models of cameras allows you to adjust the Bitrate which gives us greater image clarity even if against means a larger file size.

The process of recording in most software can be configured in various ways

  • Recording is performed continuously, i.e. perform continuously happen or not movement.
  • Be recorded only in case of detecting movement. In this way you can reduce the space needed in the recordings.

Foscam Cover function

Function delete older files or call Foscam Cover can be used in the following manner:

  • To activate it the files oldest will be deleted form the recording does not stop, against it must take into account the space used and the time stored images.
  • If you do not enable this feature to fill up the available space in the memory stops recordings in a way no recordings will not be lost

These values are unit for each camera. If we make the recording to an NVR or a PC with dedicated software, we must multiply the space required by each camera we need.

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Since this document details you have to configure the camera in accordance with the data protection act