Fujitsu Vein. Give The Little Hand to Me and I’Ll Tell You Who You Are

Fingerprints or iris marks are not only completely different traits among some people and others. The veins of the hand also ply different paths in each individual and can be used for recognition and authentication.

Is not the first time that develops a biometric reader based on the whimsical designs of the veins, but the device presented these days by Fujitsu if it lays claim to being the smallest devised so far. The sensor measures only 29 mm wide and 11.2 mm high, which makes it susceptible to be integrated in domestic devices as a laptop.

The new Fujitsu sensor is capable of scanning the veins to 20 frames per second and without it being necessary to touch its surface. The company has already said that will integrate the sensor as an option on some of their laptops Enterprise-class. The bad news is that this excellence in safety will get for a few 242 dollars more to a laptop without sensor or with a more conventional one.