Fermax Presents New Access and Control to Maintain Secure Systems Our Home

If there is an appliance in House that remains unchanged despite the passage of time is the monitor. The “Bell” as often referred to as and that in many households still presenting an appearance quite stale and with a rather limited functions.

To change these trends Fermax launches its VEO Kits, a family of video door entry seeking to offer performance and maximum security trying to combine both factors with an elegant design. A kit that other tries to make easy its installation even the clumsier. To mount the monitor pack includes street Cityline, monitor plate see and feeder.

The new monitor I see account with a design of clean lines and a series of functions that allow customize and control various aspects of the team, even the melodies that sound the call. All this in addition will carry it out in an intuitive manner using an OSD menu.

Other functions that are the possibility to program a panic button or activate up to two auxiliary functions that the user will be responsible for deciding. In addition the monitor I see has the DUOX technology, which allows that your installation is not complicated to be able using the wiring already in homes or businesses.

Abroad and to control what happens the system makes use of the Cityline plate, which manufactured in extruded aluminium and anodized is created to withstand the passage of time and the elements without problem.