DVR Stand Alone Ecotronic Resetting

Let’s talk a little about this problem, which usually happens a lot. Let’s explain some why this happens with Stand Alone DVRs and how we should act to find out what is causing the problem with the DVR.

DVR Stand Alone Ecotronic Resetting

This problem may appear as soon as you turn on the new DVR device or it may appear with the has, but when it happens with new Stand Alone Ecotronic DVR it is easier to detect what is causing it to reboot by itself, we can do the following test on the Ecotronic DVR:

Test the Ecotronic DVR without the HD hard disk theoretically it has to stop to restart itself, if defect persists we have to check some contacts of the Ecotronic DVR card, but if the equipment is under warranty we recommend forwarding the same to Ecotronic support.

When the Ecotronic DVR starts rebooting alone after some time ex. Months or years of use, there may be several factors that cause I’ve been problem are they:

  • Electrical instability at the power input of the Ecotronic DVR.
  • Defective HD hard drive causes system slowdown and system DVR failure.
  • High temperature in the environment where the DVR equipment is located.
  • Dust accumulation inside the equipment, dirty fan causing the equipment to heat up.

Tips to avoid this problem over time:

  • Always keep the environment where the equipment goes.
  • Install the equipment in a well ventilated area where it will have a good ambient temperature.
  • Try to do preventive maintenance on the equipment, clean hard disk swapping and keep the firmware up to date.

By following these tips your equipment should work well for a long time, preventive maintenance is key to avoid future problems so seek to carry it out frequently.