Do You Need a Company Robot? ASUS Has One That Records and Controls The Connected Home

ASUS It has brought some portable and Super phones to Computex 2016, there is no doubt about it, but he had a surprise in robot form. The Chief, Jonney Shih, has presented something quite different to us with ZenBo, It is not anything other than a small robot for the home. All a demonstration of intent, and the Taiwanese also want to play in this field.

Its main activities are the assist and entertain, which we can define as a robot company that takes advantage of ASUS and It connects with all the possible House. The idea is that through it we can have control over others, and as we pursue by the House, things can become more easily.

To see ZenBo comes to Pepper head, but this time it is more oriented to keep us company in the home

Imagine that we have a camera “connected” on the door of House, because we can relate it with ZenBo and show us who is it that is waiting on the other side, even open it remotely. The same we can think with the House lights, televisions, or air conditioning systems.

The primary way of interacting with ZenBo is using voice commands, and as you can see in the images, the beautiful eyes of the robot are actually a screen where we can play as if it were a tablet. Since it can access the network of networks, i.e. the same pose a videoconference that we entered on Amazon to buy.

As robot company, ASUS thinks that you make much sense together seniors, why are working on systems to remember medicines to take, or mechanisms of emergency to alert relatives. In fact it is possible to control the robot remotely, and can see what captures your camera.

It makes you family photographer, holding you the recipe in the kitchen, making security guard. ASUS has wanted to see many applications

Do you have price ZenBo? Yes, they are $600, does not it seem too for what it is capable of doing. ASUS is ready and knows that this without the aid of third parties does not have much travel, by which open development tools for anyone who wants to discover new applications.