Do You Have Repaired The Button Home of Your IPhone on a Non-Official Store? So Here Comes The Error 53

Do You Have Repaired The Button Home of Your IPhone on a Non-Official Store? So Here Comes The Error 53

Some owners of an iPhone 6 are suffering a bug that completely blocks their phones, leaving them useless: is the error 53, and from the Apple Store, they admit to not solve it by presenting the purchase of a new iPhone as the only solution. But all those affected have something in common: fixed the Home button from the terminal at centers not authorized by Apple.

The anger of the users has not slow in coming, because the sensation that is generated when this happens to you is to see an Apple that it blocks the iPhone if they have non-official components that have been placed by someone who is not authorized. Without warning, and without offering options to retrieve personal data that had been in the unit.

The danger of using unauthorized components

The error code 53 is not new (it has appeared since version 8.3 of iOS), but it is the first time that the error causes this so severe blockade why is Apple taking these measures so sudden? There is a reason for this, and explained it a spokesperson for Apple:

We protect fingerprint data using a secure key, which is matched uniquely with the touchID sensor. When the iPhone is repaired by an authorized service center or an Apple Store, and to make changes to that sensor, pairing is revalidated. This check ensures that the device and all functions related to the sensor touchID remain secure. Without this unique pairing a touchID sensor may be replaced by another malicious sensor, which would gain access to the secure key. When iOS detects that the pairing fails the sensor and Apple Pay are completely disabled for security reasons.

When an iPhone is repaired at an authorized service, there are components such as defective screens that affect the touchID sensor that can cause a bad pairing in the key with that sensor. If it happens, the next update of the system the error 53. If a customer encounters this, we recommend that you contact the Apple support.

So It is a matter of our data security. In fact, is one of the features that more I hanen rely on the sensor and Apple Pay: our fingerprint data remain stored locally on the phone and do not travel to any Apple server. But that, at the same time, implies having such strict measures involving that sensor.

Risking the security of the authentication of the touchID with our fingerprint sensor is no joke

Yes, seems to be a movement for motivating that nobody go to the repair services that non-official (and I’m not saying that Apple is killing two birds with one stone there), but the argument is completely invalid: and if any of those unauthorized centers learn to install malicious keys on your sensors? We are talking of the safety of our payments and all our personal information, so it is precisely no joke.

Therefore, my recommendation is and will always be that you always come to an Apple Store or an Apple Premium Reseller authorised order to repair any component of the iPhone.

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