Compatible IP Camera Sinology

If you have a hard drive in NAS Sinology network with IP cameras and want to make recordings of your IP camera centralized will give you some ideas in this application document can do.

Compatible IP Camera Sinology 2

It is a network or NAS hard disk

It is a storage that can contain one or more hard drives, which is connected to a local network allowing networked computers to access this storage.

NAS hard disks can be connected to our router through ethernet or WiFi.

Functions have hard drives sinology

Its function is primarily the focus all software, documents,… our local network in a single server hard disk.

Thus we are not doubling information, allowing all users of the network to access all data in the same way.

Compatible IP Camera Sinology

Compatible IP camera Sinology

Sinology offers your website a search engine in the you can enter your IP camera manufacturer and you will confirm if it is compatible.

If it is compatible you can access the NAS in a way locally or remotely and make use of all functions of the NAS to recorder mode. You see, check, delete recordings made on the hard drive.

It is best Sinology NAS or NVR ONVIF

You can consider a few factors to decide by a storage solution.

  • If you have a NAS of Sinology and want to take advantage of it. You should only consult the camera is compatible in listing offers the manufacturer.
  • If cameras are ONVIF and are compatible Sinology can choose this last solution.
  • However if cameras are ONVIF you can opt for a recording solution more economical as it is NVR ONVIF

If you need more information of the ONVIF NVR I recommend the following document.

Compatible IP Camera Sinology 3

NAS or storage in the cloud

A cloud storage will allow you to be able to check the recordings remotely. It is a more cost-effective solution to the case do not want to make a significant investment.

If you want to configure your IP cameras to record in the cloud you can read the document.