CMV50000, a 47.5 8K Native Resolution Megapixel CMOS Sensor

CMV50000, a 47.5 8K Native Resolution Megapixel CMOS Sensor

CMOSIS, a Belgian manufacturer of sensors, among others, is responsible for the captors carrying some Leica cameras, has presented a new development that offers a resolution of nearly 48 megapixels (specifically 7.920 x 6.004 effective pixels) and is designed to record video in 8K resolution at a speed of 30 fps.

The CMV50000 It is a CMOS image sensor for high speed developed for both photography and video, although in principle intended for industrial uses, and has measures 36,43 x 27,62 mm (i.e. a little more than one full frame 35 mm standard size) and a 4.6 ┬Ám pixel size.

Capable, as we said record video 8 K at a rate of 30 images per second and with a depth of 12-bit pixel, According to the manufacturer the sensor has a dynamic range of 64 dB at maximum resolution and a relationship signal-noise of 41.4 DB. In addition, this CMOS can increase the dynamic range of the output capturing an alternate row of pixels in different exhibitions.

On the other hand, the global type shutter design you It allows to record all the pixels at the same time rather than in a sequence, as it is usually the case in the majority of sensors. This means that you can remove the distortions that occur to capture objects moving quickly through the electronic shutter,.

As we say, in principle, the CMV50000 is industrial applications-oriented and that explains its price, in the version in black and white (which is that of time available) have a price of 3.450 EUR. The color version will be ready by the end of the year and has not informed of what will be its price.

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