When traveling to Italy do not deceive yourself for a visit to the Italian city of Venice. Venice has become world famous for its many canals and associated gondolas that characterize the cityscape.

When you visit the Italian city, be sure to explore the many small streets and canals – and take a stroll past St. Mark’s Square, which is one of the city’s absolute highlights.


The Italian capital Rome is a gem when it comes to cultural and historical experiences. On trips to Italy, you can easily spend several days exploring the city’s small alleys and enjoying Italian delicacies among the locals.

If you want to experience the city in a different way than the one you typically meet as a tourist, then you can choose to take a painting trip that challenges you on creativity while strolling through the streets of Rome.


The northern Italian city is one of the country’s largest and is a true fashion mecca. Here you can spot fashionable Italians on every street corner. In fact, the city is a gathering place for artists who, among other things, get their inspiration from the city’s architecture and local culture.

On Italy travel so be sure to go on adventures in the small alleys, discover local galleries and eat your fill in the classic Italian dishes, which are not available better than in Milan.


On trips to Italy, Naples is often written off as a genderless port city, and that’s a real shame, because the city has so much to offer if you dive a little below the surface.

In the vibrant port city you will find, among other things, Naples’ impressive cathedral, the Duomo di San Gennaro, which offers stunning architecture. An architecture that repeats itself in the streets of Naples. Here you will find small oases where you can sit down and rest your legs on trips to Italy.


Florence is the favorite city of many when it comes to travel to Italy – and with good reason. In addition to the city’s beautiful appearance and fantastic local culture, the city is located in the center of Tuscany and therefore creates the perfect setting for exploring the area.

When visiting Florence, spend an evening at one of the city’s rooftop bars, where you can watch the sun set on the horizon while enjoying the view of the city’s cathedral, the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.


On trips to Italy, it will be a shame not to hit the road past Palermo, which must be said to be the Italian city with the most diverse character, due to its versatile history.

Palermo is a city full of culture and architecture, which bears a clear mark from, among other places, Spain. In the city you will also find a number of green oases where you can rest your legs while enjoying the impressive cityscape.

The seasons on the islands of Italy

You can definitely travel to the islands of Italy all year round and each season has its own charm and holiday. The following is an overall description of the seasons and their distinctive features and benefits.

The winter (December to mid-March) is quite overlooked and surprising. It is somewhat warmer than in Denmark and the big gain is that you basically have it all to yourself, which gives good opportunities to experience the islands out of season. There may be erratic weather in late winter, but finally remember the almond blossom in February. The average temperature is near 16 degrees in the coldest time, but we have often experienced mild days with up to 20 degrees.

Spring(mid-March, April and May) is almost the most beautiful time of flowering and the most beautiful colors. March is cool and the weather can be choppy. The houses are still not fully heated, but the temperature can rise near a warm Danish summer – and the big gain is that the tourist season has not started yet. This is a good time.

Summer (June to early September) is the busy and hot time. June is wonderful. July and August are warmer and busier, you generally have to book well in advance. Summer is the primary travel time. Here it is the primary time for beach holidays, lazing and glorious Mediterranean relaxation.

The fall(mid-September to November) is a wonderful travel time. The colors are warm, however, it is more windy and rainy and the weather may be more erratic than the other periods (valid from early October). On the other hand, it is warmer than the early spring and the big gain is the olive harvest, which is primarily in November.

In all holidays and primary holiday periods there may be busy long in advance. Therefore, book well in advance. Prices are based on 2 people traveling together. If you are 4 people, you can either save some money and share the car or upgrade to a larger model. The possibilities are thus unimaginable and only the imagination sets limits.

Cities to Experience in Italy

Cities to Experience in Italy
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