Blue sea, white stone and green inland are the colors of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula. The blue of its coast is contrasted with its green continental part and ancient towns, which, located somewhere halfway between dream and reality, erase the thin line separating reality from the unreal. And turn into only your story…

A heart-shaped peninsula, immersed deep in the clear and blue waters of the Adriatic, is a hidden garden of beauty that opens the door to the sunny and warm Mediterranean Sea. Open them without hesitation – and your vacation will become a reality again. Multicultural and hospitable, this is a country where many differences are successfully combined in a small space. With its crystal clear sea, clean coastline and ports, merry fishing boats and seething stone streets, this country shows the true charm of the Mediterranean Sea. And Istria, with its picturesque medieval towns, located on hilly terrain, breathes the peace and meekness of the continent, the landscape of which irresistibly resembles the most beautiful regions of Tuscany and Provence.


According to nexticle, the landscapes of the Adriatic coast here in close proximity border on the forested and hilly landscapes of Gorski Kotar, the Mediterranean climate and lifestyle with a contrasting and harsh mountain climate, and the world of a secular tourist center with a 150-year tradition is very different from the measured rhythm of life on the islands. Lovers of the splendor of secular resorts will also find their corner in Kvarner, namely in beautiful Opatija, whose tourist tradition, luxurious parks and villas, and a 12 km long esplanade along the seashore, attract guests at any time of the year.

Imagine the perfect holiday when you set sail from the coast to the sunny islands, then sail back in search of peace on the mountain tops. You dream of a sunny riviera, which, as soon as you want, you can reach in 10 minutes, and then replace it with the ascetic calmness and freshness of mountain peaks, where eagles, wolves and bears will keep you company, and your lungs will be filled with the clean air of fragrant forests. Discover Kvarner and Gorski Kotar – three different regions located at a short distance from each other.

Lika – Karlovac

Welcome to the landscape of dreams! The green expanses of the continental part of Croatia emerge before your eyes, located only 10 km from the sea. This area, due to its unique ecological characteristics and lack of nature parks, is a real oasis of peace and tranquility, which attracts more and more tourists. Have you ever seen with your own eyes how transparent springs turn into beautiful rivers? Have you realized the power and attraction of the mysterious mountains? And, finally, have you thought that their strength and brilliance can become yours?

When you visit the tourist region of Lika – Karlovac, the Croatian mainland, which connects the coast of Dalmatia with the central part of the country, you will find answers to these questions very quickly. It is Lika that best describes the beauty of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a phenomenon that attracts not only with its uniqueness, but also with its effect on the mental and physical health of people. Velebit National Park is a region full of karst phenomena, richness of flora and fauna and extraordinary natural beauties in a relatively small space.

Central Croatia

Central Croatia is an area located in the basins of the Sava, Drava and Mura rivers. To drive through this part of Croatia means to get acquainted with its continental character, to see lowlands and highlands with vineyards, forests and medieval fortresses.

Have you always longed for a vacation somewhere far away from the summer heat and the Mediterranean hum, in an idyllic and quiet green hilly region rich in century-old forests, vineyards and rivers? Are you a fan of a calm and pleasant continental setting, ranging from romantic medieval country palaces and curias (noble estates) to thermal springs, spas and pilgrimage shrines? In that case, drive north from Zagreb and enjoy the grace of central Croatia.


Here the song is heard during the harvest holidays, folk costumes are pulled out of the box and customs are updated – thus, the inhabitants of Slavonia want to preserve their wonderful land for the future. Take a walk through the Osijek old town, visit the autochthonous villages of Barani and the Nature Park Kopački rit, the beautiful mountains of Slavonia or its rich thermal springs. Wherever you are, you will meet everywhere with the hospitality and cordiality of Slavonia and its inhabitants…

Formed by the creative power of the mighty rivers – the Drava, Danube, Sava and Ilova, Slavonia is a truly mythical land that has selflessly preserved its blessings for centuries. With vast and boundless golden plains located on the fertile plain of Pannonia, with strong river currents, hundred-year-old forests of powerful English oak (Quercus robur) and a tranquil habitat of over 2000 biological species, Slavonia is a fertile place of land ennobled by human hands. for over 8000 years. In former times, namely 370 million years ago, the oldest dry land of this part of the continent rose from the former Pannonian Sea, crowned by the Papuk mountain range, whose eruptive rocks originate from the Paleozoic period.

Regions in Croatia

Cities and Regions in Croatia
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