Child Restraint Systems Romer: The Guarantee of a Brand Pioneer in Security

For me the safety of children during the journeys short or long drive is very important, in fact normally We have dedicated much time to choose seats or elevators, because the protection of my children has become a priority.

So far we have used safety devices on three different brands, and which we liked most is Romer: made with this company have tested the seat for group 0 +, the Group 1, and now one of the lifts we have (for groups 2 and 3). This brand offers products that are rated among the best available according to leading European institutions.

Detailed information about Römer you have on your site, and in Matías Masso (official distributor), I I just introduce you to some of the most prominent products of the range.

Group 1 (from 9 to 18 Kg):

You can choose between five different chairs, from tri (which is the most recent, safe and attractive), to Eclipse which is the ideal solution for those situations which provides space saving installation (three doors or small cars).

If Trifix has universal approval for use in any vehicle fitted with the Isofix system and third point of anchor tether, Safefix plus re-assuring offers additional stability by means of the built-in kickstand which limits rotation in case of impact and rolling.

Also you will find the Duo model plus that is based on flexibility, since it can be installed using the Isofix system of two or three points as the vehicle’s 3-point belt, allows thus exchange between a vehicle and the other with ease. And the King Plus which has an automatic belt tensioning system and can be opened to the front to allow a fast, comfortable and above all, safe installation using 3-point vehicle belt. It is ideal for families with more than one car.

Finally the Eclipse which orients itself in regard to the March with optimized through side-impact protection ears strongly padded.

Group 2 / 3 (15-36 Kg):

Group 2-3 seats used 3-point vehicle belt for both the child and the seat are in the correct position. The Kidfix models use the Isofit-system for attaching seats directly to the Isofix anchor points. And innovation in the field of safety does not end here! Because Romer presents maximum protection technology impacts in Sict chairs, side fins of intelligent design absorb the force of the impact and protect the child and the rest of the passenger occupying the rear seat.

Detailed information about products Römer Britax can be found in the websites that I have mentioned, and also other important aspects like these

Recommendations to choose the best device:

1.-Although the child

Child car restraint devices are grouped according to the weight of the child. Indeed, the age is an indicator of interest but for safety it is necessary to know the weight of the child to choose the right seat.

2. check if our car have Isofix

The Isofix anchor points are the safest way to install a child seat in your car. But if the vehicle does not include these anchorages Isofix, they offer us a wide range of seats with belt.

3. to identify our needs

Some of the seats for the vehicle have different characteristics. Consider for a moment what considered most important for daily use.

4 make sure that the child seat is approved for our vehicle

We need to know if the seat that you have chosen can be used in vehicle. Romer website you will find a list of approved vehicles, with step-by-step user guides and installation videos to help you choose your best.

In Romer are pioneers, have established safety standards with technology Isofix presented together with Volkswagen in 1997; Today the system has become an international element to install child seat in the vehicle.