Camera Intelbras 3120: Is It Worth It?Is It A Trusted Camera? DISCOVER THE TRUTH!

With an intelligent infra red system and the robustness of the 3000 series, the Intelbras 3120Bullet Camera is a product that combines cutting-edge technology with cost-benefit.

This is because the camera is part of the line of Multi-HD cameras from Intelbras , offering total portability to other technologies available in the market, such as: analog, AHD and HDTVI.

Ensuring more savings when setting up your CCTV system.

Because of the intelligent IR, this camera is capable of reproducing images in low or no lighting environments, which will guarantee more safety for your project.

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The Main Features Of The Intelbras 3120 Camera

The main feature of this product is the intelligent IR system, which enables the filming and detection of objects in environments that suffer little or no light exposure.

In addition, no matter the climatic conditions that the Intelbras VM 3120 Camera is capable of shooting images in HD quality, with resolution of images in 720p, in a range that can be to 20 meters.

In addition, like other 3000 Series products, the VM 3120 IR has been produced with a durable material, which guarantees more durability for the device (especially if it is used outdoors).

Another interesting feature is the OSD Menu.

It allows the user to configure in a series of image adjustments.

This will allow you to define the best patterns for maximum detail and sharpness with your cameras.

Tips For Using The VM 3120

This camera can be installed both at home and at your company, being ideal for small and medium-sized CCTV systems.

Its residential use is perfect, both for the technologies, ease of installation and operation, as well as for its cost-effectiveness.

The Bullet IR Intelbras 3120 camera is one of the best options in this category.

However, because it has a 2.8mm lens, the 3120 by Intelbras is perfect for outdoor environments as it offers a broader view of the environment.

Because it contains the IP 66 protection seal, this product comes with the guarantee of being more resistant and covered by materials that will protect it from other climatic conditions(especially rain).

What Are The Main Advantages Of The Intelbras 3120 Camera?

The main advantage of the Bullet IR camera Intelbras 3120 is cost-effective.

It is an inexpensive product with state-of-the-art technology and easy installation, perfect for indoor and outdoor environments.

It has a configuration menu that can be accessed via remote control, which ensures more convenience when setting up system images.

It is lightweight and features a self-adjusting bracket, making it easy to install in any corner of your home or business.

Like other Intelbras cameras, this camera works best on a computer that has a Windows system.

Another option is to use the camera next to the Intelbras dvrs.

For those who are looking for a good and inexpensive option to compose their CCTV system, this is a great alternative.

Price Of VM 3120 IR

Quality, high technology and satisfactory results on the new generation of cameras end up being expensive. It’s natural, we’re not in the era of “1/3 ccd sony” cameras anymore.

To build an effective and quality system, one usually expects to spend a fortune.

But as I always speak (and I repeat in all analyzes), Intelbras is an outstanding brand.

The VM 3120 comes at a very affordable price compared to other similar models on the market and is at a great price, for all it can offer.

The value of this model in the market is between $ 151.99 and $ 172.81 doing a quick search by the market, using Google Shopping.