BRITECELL Is The New Technology for Cameras from Samsung, Do The See in The Galaxy S7?

To the Samsung Galaxy S7 we dared to put a heart with the new 8 Octa Exynos, on camera there is the thing that is so clear, and it is that there are rumors of all kinds. Some say that Sony has approached to ask the sensor the hiring in the Z5 Xperia, others opt for a completely new development.

Either way there are relevant developments in the design of mobile cameras by Samsung, in fact, in a forum for investors has been teaching something about its technology BRITECELL. We can not find a connection between this and the new Galaxy S, but yes we can share some data to better understand where shots are going in these new cameras.

Much smaller cameras without losing the current yield, that can bring BRITECELL to the market

Kyushik Hong is the chief marketing officer of Samsung LSI – design of processors and chips – and he has spoken at the aforementioned event of BRITECELL, a clearly focused technology to improve the sensitivity in low light situations, getting the sensor to occupy minimum space.

It’s funny, but the sensor uses some photodiodes or pixel size reduced, specifically of 1 micron, but Samsung says it is able to maintain its performance with a sensor having a 1.12 micron pixels. We remind you that a Galaxy S6 is in that size, and an iPhone 6S in 1.2 microns. We have to look at Omnivision to see something bigger in new sensors.

What they want to achieve following this path? As minimum modules that allow you to create mobile ultra-thin, since the size of the set that is home to the camera can be reduced 17%. If we listen to the shared documentation, the sensor would be of 16-Megapixel.

We can interpret the documentation, changing green pixels by whites, and the Greens are achieved through a special filter. Apparently this way more complex filters remaining light, in a movement similar to that Motorola used in Moto X and RGBW system removed.

Another ingredient introduced in the presentation is the Smart WDR, a proprietary technology of Koreans who play using several exhibitions of an outlet to get a better definition. Also continues to maintain the effective system of phase detection approach (PDAF).

This information on sizes House with rumored sensor – 1/2 “- with very large photodiodes that was being developed for the S7 Galaxy, so we think that this idea is not parked, or keep multiple lines of development with cameras for mobile devices. Let’s not use of the Sony sensor, it seems the most efficient and easy to produce in large quantities.