Best DVR In The Market: The Top 3 Options To Buy In 2017

he DVR device is more than an image recorder, it is an equipment that aims to provide a complete and ideal solution for your security system.
Offering storage, viewing, remote access, and proper management of cameras (excluding the use of computers – as they used to be).
But amid so many brands and options, which is the best dvr in the market?
When we talk about the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) we must keep in mind that this equipment depends on several other equipment to achieve excellence.
So pointing the best DVR handsets is not an easy task.
Currently there are several DVR manufacturers in the market (some famous and some not so much):
• TecVoz
• Intelbras
• Hikvision
• GIGA Security
• Neocam
• Alive
• Clear
• ControlBR
• Among other brands;
Most people prefer to invest in more traditional brands.
While there are still others who would rather give a chance to smaller companies due to the low investment value.
But it is certain is that to choose the best dvr in the market, you need to be based on functions and effectiveness, not price.
Each brand offers a different type of service, so declaring which one is best will depend a lot on your project.
Best DVR In The Market: Top 3 In My Personal Opinion
Of course, every person has their personal opinion about things and this is completely normal and must be respected.
I’ve already worked with capture cards, older DVR models (when TecVoz was the main low-cost brand) and I currently work with hybrid dvr models.
I decided to leave my personal opinion and talk a little about the devices that I like to work with.
Intelbras Hybrid DVR – MHDX Series 4, 8 And 16 Channels
I really like the brand Intelbras.
She has become a benchmark in recent years, invested heavily in marketing and has basically dominated the market.
The devices in the MHDX line are very good and have a number of interesting features. It is worth noting:
• It operates in up to 5 technologies (HDCVI, HDTVI, Analog, HD and IP) – so it is a hybrid or tributary dvr.
• Able to transmit images at up to 1080P (Full HD).
• The unit records images at 720P @ 30fps or 1080N @ 12 fps (not full hd) .
• It has 3 video outputs: VGA, BNC and HDMI.
• Supports HDDs up to 8TB.
• It has the Intelbras Cloud (remote viewing system).
• It has the NVR mode, which turns all channels into IP.
• BNC + IP function: Allows you to use 4 analog cameras + 1 IP channel.
It has models for 4 channels ( see best price ), 8 channels ( see best price ) and 16 channels (see best price ).
This is a device of those that you will surely have a great result and keep your assets safe.

Hikvision DVB-T Series – HGHI 720p Series (The World’s Best DVR)
These models are dvr tribido.
Hikvision has been the number one CCTV brand in theworld for a number of years . In Brazil, the company had a partnership and distributed its devices by TecVoz.
But now, they are getting strong in the market and their handsets are actually very good.
Some Features Of The “Best Dvr In The World”:
• Works with (HDTVI, AHD and analog) – so it is a tributary dvr.
• The video compression is H264.
• Plays and records images in 720P.
• Hold up to 32 remote connections.
• It has a capacity for HD’s of up to 6TB.
• It has BNC, VGA and HDMI outputs.
This is the number 1 choice of many of the experts and installers on the market.
Its affordable price also helps a lot in making it one of the best DVR options on the market!
It has models for 4 channels ( see best price ), 8 channels ( see best price ) and 16 channels (see best price ).

DVR Hybrid Tecvoz – “E300” Series 720p (The Cheapest)
From the beginning I’m talking about only renowned brands that are able to fulfill the promise.
And among the 3 best dvr on the market, this TecVoz series is certainly the cheapest of all .
And she has great quality too.
Check out some features of this series:
• Supports up to 5 channels.
• Hybrid DVR (5 technologies) – Analog, IP, AHD, HDCVI and HDTVI.
• Works with IP cameras up to 2 Megapixels.
• Has remote access through mobile app.
• It has 3 video outputs: BNC, HDMI and VGA.
• The unit has 2 audio inputs: 1x uni-directional and 1x bi-directional – both are RCA
• The device is Pentaplex.
This device is an excellent choice for small monitoring systems and fits in any pocket!
TecVoz is super recognized and investing in these devices is quality assured.
It has models for 4 channels ( see best price ), 8 channels ( see best price ) and 16 channels (see best price).
Conclusion: The Best DVR On The Market
As said before, it is difficult to define whether one is good or bad, because they have different characteristics and everything goes according to the requirement of the client / project.
But in my opinion, definitely these 3 models presented are the best dvr on the market.